Gulf Corporation for Technology, Bahrain, Middle East
Gulf Corporation for Technology satisfied with Cyberoam’s Reporting capabilities
About Gulf Corporation for Technology, Retail

The Gulf Corporation for Technology (GCT) was founded in 1945 by late Mr. Burhanuddin Al Awadi, at the same time when a new division, Medical & Scientific Division, was opened to look after the trade and service of medical and scientific equipment. GCT mainly looks after the sales and service of medical, scientific, educational and industrial equipment and supplies. The fields of action for GCT include hospitals, educational institutions, schools and universities, various industrial units and other developmental projects. Since its inception, the company has now grown to achieve annual turnover of $55 million and with a work force over 120 employees.


Apart from shielding the company network from intrusion attempts, Cyberoam deployment has resulted in increased productivity for the organization.

Mr. Santosh Kayarat
IT Specialist
Gulf Corporation for Technology

Being a leading Sales and Service provider of modern day Medical equipments, the Gulf Corporation for Technology has a strong online presence, with most of their business activities being carried out online. Obviously, Internet security is the top most priority for the organization. “Protecting the company network from all kinds of external and internal threats including intrusion attack or virus/malware infection, is a must for the organization”, said Mr. Santosh Kayarat, the IT Specialist at Gulf Corporation for Technology.

According to Mr. Kayarat, the issues that they faced were:

Unguarded Network Perimeter

In a time when most of the corporations today contain many confidential data and business secrets, the need for a gateway level network protection cannot be ignored. Any kind of network intrusion attack could cost money, effort, man-hours, which is highly undesirable for any organization. For Mr. Kayarat, the prime need was of a solution that could prevent the company network from all illegal intrusion attacks from internal as well as external entities. In other words, he wanted a solution that would control the entire Internet traffic and provide a strong level of protection from network -based attacks.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Kayarat searched the network security market in order to address the business challenges of his organization. After a thorough search, they chose Cyberoam, the leading provider of UTM and Next Generation Firewall Appliances. They purchased a total of Eleven (11) Cyberoam Appliances, including One (1) CR 200iNG and Ten (10) CR 15iNG. They deployed the CR 200iNG appliance at their Main Office and all other CR 15iNG appliances at several of their Branch Office. They deployed all the appliances in Gateway mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Perimeter Level Protection

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark-certified Firewall offers Next-generation security with stateful and deep-packet inspection to provide granular access control over Internet and network resources. The Firewall scans each and every data packet entering the network and decides whether it should be permitted or discarded. Thus, all the incoming and outgoing traffic is now monitored and appropriate action is taken to ensure that the organization and its employees have a safe Internet usage.

    Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam Network Security Appliances can counter any Denial of Service attack. With a comprehensive database of 4,500+ IPS signatures, Mr. Kayarat now feels his network is well protected from several variants of Spyware attacks, Spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to Keyloggers, Trojans and more.

    In addition, Cyberoam’s IPS also acts as an Application Firewall, supplementing organizational efforts to curb data leakage through open proxies, IM and P2P. Mr. Kayarat quoted,”Cyberoam’s Firewall Rule page is a single source to configure all the security and routing policies”.

  • Inbound and Outbound Spam Filtering

    At the heart of Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Spam solution is the intuitive Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology. The Anti-Spam module is content and language agnostic. Moreover, it provides protection against foreign characters and image-based Spam with almost no cases of false positives thanks to its excellent Spam Detection Rate of 99% and False Positive Rate of 1 in 1.5 million. Finally, its Virus Outbreak Detection (VOD) feature protects the network against real-time massive Virus outbreaks.

    “Cyberoam’s Anti Spam solution is able to block quite a few number of Spam. We now have an increased control over the number of Spam mails hitting our mail server”, said Mr. Kayarat.

  • Threat-free Remote Access

    Cyberoam offers the option of IPSec VPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN over its Network Security Appliances, providing reliable and threat-free remote access to organizations. The VPNC and AES certified VPN Gateway communicates with most third party VPNs.

    Cyberoam’s Layer 8 aware VPN solution enables Mr. Kayarat to offer Identity and work profile-based access policies to the employees. Moreover, Cyberoam’s Threat Free Tunneling (TFT) technology scans IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN traffic for Malware, Spam, inappropriate content and intrusions, ensuring protection to corporate resources from threats residing on remote devices.

    Mr. Kayarat said, “We use IPSec and SSL VPN to provide remote access to people in our sales department, who mainly use it to access and transmit voice and data from a remote location”.

  • 1,200+ Drill-down Reports

    Cyberoam offers on-appliance reporting with real-time logs and reports, saving the cost of deploying a dedicated reporting solution. The 1,200+ in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities, helping organizations to manage security, display compliance and forensic analysis, unmatched by any network security vendor till date. Cyberoam reports include dynamic and animated reports, in-line graphs, and country maps. The best thing about the feature is that despite providing thousands of On-appliances reports, the Reporting module is so beautifully designed that it does not affect the performance of the appliance.

    Mr. Kayarat said, “We heard a lot about Reporting capabilities of Cyberoam and I am very glad to say that the drill down reports, deep down to the user level, is very useful and quite informative”.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Kayarat happily quoted, “Apart from shielding the company network from intrusion attempts, Cyberoam deployment has resulted in increased productivity for the organization”.