Guaranty Trust Bank, Liberia, Africa
Cyberoam Fortifies the Guaranty Trust Bank Network
About Guaranty Trust Bank, BFSI

Guaranty Trust Bank (Liberia) Limited was registered on June 7, 2007 and granted a full operational license on March 6, 2009. Its business focus includes institutional, investment, commercial and retail banking as well as financial advisory, small to medium and medium to long term capital financing.

The Bank is a subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, one of the foremost banks in Nigeria with a Triple A rating; the first indigenously owned sub-Saharan bank to be quoted on the London Stock Exchange and first new generation indigenous African bank to obtain a banking license to carry out fully fledged banking activities in the United Kingdom.

Being a financial institution, Internet is our highest priority resource.

Mrs. Chenkplen T. Cox
Systems and Network Administrator
Guaranty Trust Bank

“Being a financial institution, Internet is our highest priority resource”, said Mrs. Chenkplen T. Cox, Systems and Network Administrator at Guaranty Trust Bank, Liberia. Guaranty Trust Bank offers numerous online banking products in order to fulfil the needs of their customers. Some of the services they offer include E-Banking - Cash plus Debit Cards, ATM Services, Internet Banking, GTBank Electronic Notification Server (GeNS), Web2sms, Online Real-Time Service, Bitwize Format Service; Settlements - GTBank International money transfer (GTMT), Trade Tracker, Western union money Transfer, SWIFT Transfer Service; and statements by email. All of these services require uninterrupted and secured Internet connectivity.

Prior to Cyberoam installation, Guaranty Trust Bank was facing the following Internet security issues.

Bandwidth Congestion and Abuse

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) faced bandwidth congestion because the available bandwidth wasn‘t being used optimally. Employees abused their unrestricted Internet access through irresponsible activities like unproductive surfing, constant download of music, videos and other bandwidth intensive content. These activities dominated most of the available bandwidth leaving little room for actual work. Also, much of their bandwidth was choked because of unsolicited spam.

Unhealthy Surfing Practices

A pressing concern for Mrs. Cox was unproductive, unhealthy and possibly illicit internet surfing by employees. She wanted to monitor and control web surfing patterns of individual employees, employee groups and the organization as a whole. She wanted to pull the reins on Internet surfing to avoid employees from being distracted and the network from being exposed to various cyber threats.

Blended Threats

Mrs. Cox wanted to protect the GTB network from virus, root-kit, worm, Trojan and spyware infections. These malware attacks often take a blended form through email attachments, PDF, Word documents etc. and have the potential to corrupt useful files and destroy important data. “I was looking for a highly dependable anti-virus solution which would offer real-time protection from malware attacks including blended threats”, she said. The organization also wanted to secure its entire email network from newly emerging malware threats and reduce overall spam incidence.

The Cyberoam Solution

In order to address these challenges, Mrs. Cox looked into a number of security products. However, after seeing a trial demo of Cyberoam, she decided to entrust Cyberoam with the security of the entire GTB network. They deployed Seven (7) Cyberoam Appliances in their Head Office and Branch Offices, and One (1) Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) Appliance in their Main Data Center in Monrovia to manage them all. All the appliances are deployed in gateway mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given in the table below

Appliance Model Location Office Identity
Cyberoam 50ia (Main Appliance) Bushrod Island, Monrovia, Liberia Branch Office and Main Data Center
Cyberoam 50ia (Backup Appliance) Bushrod Island, Monrovia, Liberia Branch Office and Main Data Center
Cyberoam 25ia Tubman Boulevard Monrovia, Liberia Headquarters
Cyberoam 25ia Redlight Market, Paynesville, Liberia Branch office
Cyberoam 25ia Corner of Carey & Randall Streets Monrovia, Liberia Branch office
Cyberoam 25ia Ganta, Nimba County Liberia Branch office
Cyberoam 25ia Buchanan City Grand Bassa County Branch office

The business benefits are as follows:

  • Fortified Network Perimeter

    Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark certified firewall provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and network resources. Users are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open.

    With a comprehensive database of 3000+ signatures, Cyberoam‘s Intrusion Prevention System protects GTB‘s network against intrusion attempts, DoS and DDoS attacks, malicious code transmission, Trojans, malware, backdoor activity, blended threats and more.

  • Controlled Internet Surfing

    Cyberoam UTM‘s web content filtering feature controls Internet access in the Bank by blocking inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and other malwareladen sites, and by stopping unauthorized download of bandwidth intensive streaming content. “We have created policies for Web and Application Filter based on our organization‘s requirements. The default polices themselves are quite comprehensive, but the fact that those polices can be customized to our needs is simply great”, said Mrs. Cox.

  • Bandwidth Managed

    Cyberoam allows user-based limit on bandwidth, access time and volume of data transfer. “We allocated bandwidth based on website categories as well as users/groups. It helps us in prioritizing business-critical applications and committing bandwidth to critical users at all times”, said Mrs. Cox.

  • Malware and Spam Corked

    Cyberoam UTM‘s Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware puts a stop-cork between the GTB network and variants of Viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware and more, thus avoiding any network downtime

    Cyberoam‘s Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Spam solution checks all inbound and outbound mails in the GTB network for spam. Irrespective of the language and the content of the mail, spam is detected and action is taken. After installing Cyberoam, the inboxes of the employees remain clean and spam free.

  • Business Continuity Upheld

    Cyberoam‘s IPSec VPN connectivity ensures secure connection between the Data Center and Remote Sites. Remote Office users seamlessly access the network without any worries of breakdown in Internet traffic. Threat-free Tunneling (TFT)-driven VPN ensures that all such traffic is securely encrypted and no malware sneaks through it.

    It is of utmost importance for the Data Center to have continuous Internet connectivity. Hence, it is safeguarded with 2 ISP links. In case of failure of the main Internet link, the Automatic Link Failover feature automatically switches the traffic to the backup link. So the organization gets a transparent link failover faciltiy with no human interference and 100% Internet uptime.

  • To Conclude

    “Cyberoam is a conglomerate of multiple features in a single bundle which has helped our organization in curtailing the cost of myriad applications and devices. It is very reliable and affordable”, said Mrs. Cox.