Giordano, Dubai, UAE
The Fashion Industry Trusts Cyberoam for its Security
About Giordano, Retail

Established in March 1993 as a joint venture between Emirates Trading Agency, Dubai and Giordano International Ltd, Hong Kong, Giordano is a leading International retailer of men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories. Giordano‘s vision is to be the biggest and best world brand in apparel retailing. It is a dynamic retailer of casual apparel catering to a market that is young and has a thirst for refreshing and affordable clothes. In an industry which is plagued by constantly changing trends that create rising production costs, Giordano has developed a more pliant approach to fashion retailing.

The brand‘s easy-going mix of relaxed and smart casuals has proved popular for all age groups and nationalities, demonstrating the global appeal of the brand.

We're constantly adding and removing products, updating colors, uploading new images, and changing prices based on Giordano local and Global marketing activities

Mr. Gani Mohammed Nasir
IT Manager

The apparel industry has, like most other industries quickly started using the Internet to gain improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and marketing. Consumers are increasingly using the Internet to do extensive amount of research on products and fashion trends before purchasing through any media, also making more and more online purchases. Foremost, Giordano intend to showcase their brand, their clothing and provide customers with the ability to purchase items online.

Below mentioned are the challenges faced by Giordano related to its business activities:

Protecting the Network Fringe

While the e-commerce servers and some back-office functions are in hosting centers, site updates and management runs out of Giordano‘s headquarters. Their data servers contain the applications, and data that can be possibly targeted by attacks from external entities. Servers in their networks host client‘s information which had to be protected against outside access attempts. The organization, therefore, needed a gateway firewall to regulate user authentication and access control.

Secure, reliable Internet connections are absolutely critical. "We're constantly adding and removing products, updating colors, uploading new images, and changing prices based on Giordano local and Global marketing activities," says Gani Mohammed Nasir, IT Manager at Giordano. "It's an all-day job."

"If our Internet connection goes down, it's a problem. With our old firewall, from time to time, our Internet connection would go down. It was usually a several-hour disruption and we would have people sitting idle with nothing to do. Without an Internet connection, we really can't work.” says Mr. Nasir.

Road Warrior Connectivity

The company wanted secure VPN connectivity for some of its remote workers with no interruptions to their work.

Says Mr. Nasir, “A large number of our employees are constantly on the move because of the nature of their job. We wanted to ensure they get on-demand access to our headquarter resources and enjoy the remote use of applications that rely on internal servers, without connectivity interruptions.”

The Cyberoam Solution

Giordano looked into a number of security products in order to address their business challenges. The search was on for an appliance which would take care of their all above requirements. So they felt that Cyberoam was the apparent choice. The industry then deployed one (1) 200i at the head office in Dubai and Fifteen (15) units of CR 15i at branch office all over UAE at their head office in Gateway mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. It inspects content in network packets to ensure that unauthorized traffic does not pass into or out of the intranet.

    Giordano‘s users are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open.

  • VPN Connectivity

    Cyberoam UTM‘s SSL VPN solution bridged the geographical distances between the branch and head offices. This now ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and use the resources.

    Also, Cyberoam ensures transparent VPN failover for branches in order to provide uninterrupted connectivity for branch users. When an Internet connection fails, this feature dynamically switches traffic over to the active connection, maintaining uninterrupted VPN service.

    “I'm comfortable with it because I can see who's using it, and can manage who has access to certain parts of the network.” said, Mr. Nasir.