Geothermal Development Company, Kenya, Africa
Cyberoam Provides a Clean and Filtered Internet Traffic to Geothermal Development Company
About Geothermal Development Company, Energy

The Geothermal Development Company (GDC) is a 100% state-owned company, formed by the Government of Kenya as a special purpose vehicle to fast track the development of geothermal resources in the country. The creation of GDC was based on the government's policy on energy. They are engaged in providing services like:

  • Geothermal drilling
  • Well testing and logging
  • Geothermal reservoir assessment and management
  • Geothermal resource exploration
  • Provision of steam for electricity generation.
  • Promotion of alternative uses of geothermal energy other than electricity generation.
  • Consultancy on geothermal development.

GDC requires the Internet for providing efficient customer services, maintaining their website, research, communication, marketing their products and other administrative purposes.

Internet being our essential resource, we were looking for a solution that could provide us with uninterrupted and secured Internet connectivity

Mr. Felix Okumu
Senior Technician ICT
UTi Worldwide

Internet being an essential resource for the company, Mr. Felix Okumu, the Senior Technician ICT, at GDC, was looking for a solution that could provide him with uninterrupted and secure Internet connectivity.

The security and connectivity issues they faced were:

Network Periphery Subjected to External Intrusion Attacks

GDC's network contained confidential data about the customers, employee's personal information, accounts, tenders etc. Hence, Mr. Okumu was worried about the protection of these sensitive data from DoS, IP Spoofing, Man-in-the-Middle and other network attacks. It was also necessary to control data tampering due to eavesdropping attacks from outsiders.

Unfiltered Emails

Mr. Okumu said, "We did not have a solution that could filter out Spam mails from our inbox." This caused many hassles for our staff. Reading the non-required Emails and sorting them out individually was very time consuming. Moreover, it also increased the load on the server, resulting in bandwidth issues.

No Restrictions on Internet Access

Mr. Okumu said, "Since, we did not have a security solution, we could not impose any Internet access policies on our staff." Hence, employees spent their precious time in unproductive activities which affected the productivity and also bandwidth to a certain extent.

The Cyberoam Solution

GDC searched the market for a solution that could solve all their above mentioned concerns. During their search, they found Cyberoam to be a solution capable of meeting their requirements and purchased One (1) CR2500iNG. They deployed it in Gateway Mode at Nairobi Head Office.

The benefits they noticed after deploying Cyberoam in their network are:

  • Network Periphery Completely Secured
    Cyberoam's Firewall is Checkmark Level 5 and ICSA Certified. It acts as a filter between the company's gateway and the Internet allowing only legitimate traffic to enter the network. It provides stateful and deep packet inspection for network based security, thereby protecting the organization from DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. It also provides a Fusion technology that enables administrators to create policies for multiple features through a single interface.

    Mr. Okumu said, "Cyberoam's Firewall filters out all malicious traffic, ensuring clean and harmless network".

  • Filtered Emails
    Cyberoam's Anti-Spam, being Checkmark Certified ensures that all the Emails coming in the network are filtered and proper actions are taken on the Spam Emails. Thus, it makes it easy for the employees, as now only legitimate Emails reach their inbox while Spam is kept at bay. This feature also offers IP based filtering solution that blocks the source delivering the Spam Emails. In addition, the RPD technology which is content and language agnostic, offers real-time protection from the very first moment a new outbreak emerges. It also offers the facility of managing Emails with message, attachment size and subject line thereby minimizing exposure to threats and legal implications.

    After deploying Cyberoam in our network, Mr. Okumu said, "Fortunately, Cyberoam has filtered a substantial amount of Spam mails, providing a clean mailbox".

  • Configurable Internet Access Policies
    Cyberoam's Web Filtering solution blocks undesirable content on the Internet with its comprehensive database of 89+ categories, so that no one can access them. Thus, it protects the employees from harmful content like porn and violence. Cyberoam's Application Filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, IMs, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive download. Moreover, Cyberoam with its identity-based filtering, allows the administrator to create schedules and assign Internet access policies, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions to individual user based on a certain criteria.

    Mr. Okumu said, "Cyberoam has enabled us to create customized policies and configure them on each employee."

  • Managed Bandwidth Utilization
    Cyberoam's Bandwidth Management assures QoS for users and business-critical applications like VoIP and CRM, by prioritizing them based on source, destination, user, service and service group. It also allows administrators to create schedules based on which certain amount of time can be allocated to each user for accessing Internet. Further, it allows setting the upload and download limits of data.

    Mr. Okumu said, "Through Bandwidth management we have been able to control the traffic congestion and increase the network speed".

  • To Conclude
    Mr. Okumu said, "Cyberoam has enabled us to solve our concerns and provides us with increased productivity."