GCM Securities Inc, Turkey, Europe
Cyberoam UTM provides Continuous Internet Connectivity to GCM Securities Inc.
About GCM Securities Inc, BFSI

GCM Securities Inc. is a financial intermediation service for the capital markets in Turkey. It specializes in leveraging foreign exchange transactions set out by adopting the mission of becoming a leader in the field.

GCM Securities Inc., being into the capital market uses Internet for communication, advertising, foreign exchange transactions, connecting special applications and VoIP.

Uninterrupted Internet connectivity and highly secured transactions were our prime requirement.

Mr. Mehmet Faik Özlü
ICT Manager
GCM Securities Inc.

Mr. Mehmet Faik Özlü, the IT Manager at GCM Securities Inc. said, “Uninterrupted Internet connectivity and highly secured transactions were our prime requirement”.

Mr. Özlü found the following network security issues related to:

Unsecured Inter-Office Connectivity

GCM Securities Inc. has a branch office and many employees on the move that access the VoIP server and RDP server located at the head office. Hence, secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity between the head office and the branch office was a matter of concern for Mr. Özlü.

Controlling Surfing Practices

Mr. Özlü wanted to prevent his employees from getting distracted by unproductive websites like social networking sites, music and such other entertainment-related websites. He said, “We have known that many employees get diverted from their tasks”. As a result work suffered. Also, sometimes employees unknowingly landed on malicious websites by surfing or downloading malware-laden applications which represented an additional coating of threat.

Business Continuity Issues

One of the major requirements of Mr. Özlü was uninterrupted connectivity between the head office and the branch office. They used Süperonline, Kablonet, Türktelekom links to connect both the offices. But lest the link failed, the offices got disconnected and as a result the business suffered. Mr. Özlü said, “If Internet was down all our business activities would come to a standstill”. To avoid a single point of failure, multiple locations had multiple ISP links. Hence, multiple ISP links load balancing, and failover was also a critical need.

The Cyberoam Solution

GCM Securities Inc. explored the market for a good network security solution. They considered many solutions like Watchguard, and after having a demo of Cyberoam they found it to be the best-fit. They then purchased Two (2) CR 50ia appliances, One (1) at Istanbul (Head Office) and One (1) at Balikesir (Branch Office). Both the appliances are deployed in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam Mr. Özlü noticed the following business benefits:

  • Secured Inter-Office Connectivity

    Cyberoam offers the option of IPSec, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN to connect remote users to the head office. Its Threat-Free Tunnelling Technology scans all VPN traffic and ensures that no malware and intrusions enter the network. Its road warrior connectivity enables the mobile users to securely access resources from anywhere. Moreover, its VPN connection failover feature offers continuous connectivity for IPSec and L2TP connections across multiple ISP gateways, without manual intervention after the connection gets blocked. Mr. Özlü said, “Cyberoam‘s VPN solution has increased efficiency, giving continuous and uninterrupted connectivity”.

  • Controlled Surfing Practices

    Cyberoam‘s Web Filtering solution, offers a comprehensive database of 82+ web categories ensuring that no employee can access inappropriate or harmful content like pornography, violence etc. Moreover its Identity-based control helps Mr. Özlü to assign schedule and level of access to users based on their designation and role for surfing the web.

    Mr. Özlü said, “Using Cyberoam‘s Web Filtering solution we have achieved complete control on employee‘s web access”.

  • Business Continuity Revived

    Cyberoam UTM provides total business continuity through Automatic Link Failover. Its Automatic Link Failover feature automatically detects the failed link and directs all the traffic through another working link, keeping the network “Always on”. Mr. Özlü said, “In our organization multiple ISP links are load balanced to ensure constant connectivity with weights assigned as 95% to Süperonline”. He further added, “Multi Link Management is one of the most important feature for our organization”.

  • Malware Wiped Off

    Cyberoam‘s Check Mark Level 5 certified Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution offers web, E-mail and Instant Messaging security against malware, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and key loggers. E-mail, Web and VPN traffic is also scanned for malware. It also blocks attachments for specified file types like executables, media files, password-protected files etc. before any malware affects the network.

    Mr. Özlü said, “Cyberoam Anti-Virus assured us that no malware could sneak into the network”.

  • To Sum Up

    Mr. Özlü said, “Cyberoam is a good and smart product to choose”. He further added, “It has good solutions for all needs”.