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Cyberoam adds Four Films to its list of ‘Satisfied Customers’
About Four Films, Print Media

Four Films Printing Group, started in 1976, has been among the leaders in the print media in Kuwait, for over three decades now. Over the years, it has evolved from the early days of word processing and metal lead-slug machines to state-of-the-art offset and digital printing services. They offer fine craftsmanship and creative design with unsurpassed service and cutting-edge technology, to provide clients with integrated design and print solutions. The team consists of talented, skilled, and well-educated personnel, now 300 strong.

I am very pleased with Cyberoam’s performance. It delivered full ROI for us thanks to its excellent AD Integration, Reporting, VPN and IM Controls features.

Mr. Zacharia Kurian
Administrator -
Data Center & Network
Four Films

Highlighting the need for a network security solution, Mr. Zacharia Kurian, the Administrator - Data Center & Network, at Four Films said, “We required a solution that could provide us with flawless AD integration, easy to use VPN feature, and full control over IM applications with in-built Reporting feature.”

According to Mr. Kurian, the issues that they faced were:

AD Integration Issues

Mr. Kurian desired to authenticate all users connecting to the Internet with Active Directory. He was looking for a solution to act as a proxy server for Active Directory (AD) integration purposes. He wanted to map the existing users in their AD Server with Cyberoam. Hence, a solution that could provide him with easy to use and flawless AD Integration feature was needed.

Need for Logging and Reporting

Mr. Kurian worryingly quoted, “Our previous solution provided just the basic Reporting, which was not good enough for us”. He believes that every UTM solution should be capable enough to yield comprehensive Logging and Reporting. He added that the Reports help organizations in Network security Policy -making, Bandwidth Management, Forensic Analysis and Compliance Management.

VPN Issues

Highlighting the need for a VPN solution Mr. Kurian said, “We need to provide the Management and Sales people access to the Email, MIS and other network resources for business purposes, while they are away on business trips”. Since the VPN feature is used most by the non-IT people, he wanted a solution that was easy enough for even a non-IT person to be able to configure it without any external support.

No Control over IM Applications

Mr. Kurian said, “We did not have any mechanism in place to have total control over the IM and P2P activities of our employees”. He desired to block or provide access to IM, VoIP and P2P applications based on the business requirement and work profile of the employees.

The Cyberoam’s On-Cloud Management Service Solution

Dissatisfied with their previous solution, Four Films was looking for a better solution that could address their above-mentioned security concerns. The search was for a solution that could address their business challenges with the least management overheads. After a thorough search, they found Cyberoam to be the best option and purchased Two (2) CR 100iNG Appliances. They deployed both the Cyberoam Appliances in Gateway Mode in High Availability at their Data Center

  • AD Integration Encourages Identity-based Security

    Cyberoam provides Active Directory integration feature that maps users and groups from ADS with Cyberoam. This enables the appliance to identify network users transparently for authentication purposes. Cyberoam communicates with Windows Directory Services to authenticate users based on groups, domains and organizational units. Cyberoam offers two options to integrate the appliance user database with ADS: Tight Integration and Loose Integration, offering a great flexibility to configure policies governing how a user is mapped to their respective groups in Cyberoam. Mr. Kurian said, “After we successfully integrated Cyberoam with our AD server, the appliance helps us authenticate users trying to access the Internet.”

  • Free-of-cost On-Appliance Reporting

    Cyberoam network security appliances deliver in-depth reporting over the appliance, eliminating the need for an independent reporting solution and minimizing the resultant security investment and operational expense. Over 1200 in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities over dual dashboards – Security dashboard and Traffic dashboard. Its Forensic Analysis feature offers historic user, network and system activity, reducing the cost of investigation and minimizing network downtime

    “Cyberoam provides thousands of useful reports, providing us with a pretty clear idea of all the network activities”, Mr. Kurian said.

  • Easy-to-configure VPN Solution

    Cyberoam provides secure VPN connectivity to road warriors as well as remote connectivity between head and branch offices. In case of Four Files, the Management and Sales is usually mobile, including overseas locations, and need secure access to the internal network anytime, anywhere.

    “The VPN is of critical use to the management and sales team who require complete and full network access 24×7×365”, said Mr. Kurian.

  • Granular control over IM and P2P Applications

    Cyberoam’s Instant Messaging Controls implement Layer 8 Identity-based policies to control access to IM applications like Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. It offers granular logs and reports, providing visibility and archiving facility that meet regulatory compliance requirements. It provides IP Address and User based, individual as well as Group level control over Webcam, File Transfer, Voice and Text Chat Communication.

    Mr. Kurian said, “Cyberoam’s IM control feature has turned out to be quite handy for us. Now, we have full control over IM and P2P applications, as well proper monitoring with logs and reports”.

  • To Conclude

    Expressing his satisfaction, Mr. Kurian said, “I am very pleased with Cyberoam’s performance. It delivered full ROI for us thanks to its excellent AD Integration, Reporting, VPN and IM Controls features.”