Form Group, Turkey, Europe
Cyberoam Security is a Business Enabler to Form Group of Companies, Turkey
About Form Group, Manufacturing

Form Group of Companies was established in November 1965 to carry out design, representation, contracting and production activities in Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning, Refrigeration, Air Filtration and Purification (HVAC&R).

Form Group is a company sprawling across the length and breadth of Turkey, with presence in cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Bursa and Adana. Form Group is a market leader in flexible ducting and round, oval, square air duct and evaporative cooling, manufacturing and exporting.

Form Group was looking for a single solution that would cater to their security, connectivity and productivity needs.

Internet is a tool that can be misused if it is not well controlled and managed. And we precisely need to do it.

Mr. Battal Bulut
IT Manager
Form Group

“Internet is a tool that can be misused if it is not well controlled,” said Mr. Battal Bulut, the IT Manager at Form Group. The organization wanted to control the nonproductive surfing and downloads of the employees. Mr. Bulut also stressed the need for perimeter level security that can control the access of the network resources of the company. The gateway level anti-virus and anti-spam solution was also needed to block attacks originating through Internet.

With lot of branches over Turkey, Mr. Bulut was also planning to safely connect all these branches over the Internet, to the Head Office to bridge the geographical gap and to achieve high business connectivity.

Form Group had already tried its luck with a Linux-based firewall solution, but was not very pleased with its administration and management. The solution was rigid, cumbersome and often, ineffective. This left Mr. Bulut apprehensive about multiple security, productivity and connectivity enhancement solutions. He was looking for a single solution that would reduce his hassles; prove easy to administrator; check unproductive surfing and augment productivity and provide seamless and costeffective business connectivity through VPN over Internet. Mr. Bulut often felt that he had an impossible wish-list.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Bulut came across Cyberoam UTM. Looking at the array of features provided by Cyberoam, he was tempted to buy one CR 50i and deploy it in the Head Office, under his close supervision to evaluate it. Soon Form Group had purchased eight (8) more CR25i, which were deployed in their branch offices across Turkey. All the branches are now connected to the Head Office, using Site-Site VPN over Internet.

The intuitive administration and management of Cyberoam allayed all the fears that Mr. Bulut harbored from his previous nightmarish experience of Linux-based firewall. “Cyberoam was like a breath of fresh air,” said Mr. Bulut smilingly. “We had use for every single feature that Cyberoam provided,” he added. Form Group used the ICSA certified firewall to safeguard all the network resources from internal and external threats.

Cyberoam‘s Web Filtering solution has more than forty million URLs to control harmful and unproductive surfing. The Form Group use same kind of standard security and control policies throughout all its Cyberoam deployments to curb all attempts to misuse the Internet. Except a few privileged users, all the messengers and P2P applications are blocked. All web mail access and file upload over HTTP is also controlled, logged and audited.

Gateway anti-virus and anti-spam patrol the web and mail protocols to prevent any malware from sneaking through via Internet. Cyberoam‘s anti-virus solution which has industry‘s best virus detection rate ensures malware free network. The anti-spam solution blocked almost 100% of spam, as soon as Cyberoam was deployed.

Cyberoam‘s Identity-aware security policies and On-Appliance Reporting team-up to provide transparency over all the network events. “The use of Identity in Cyberoam is its most useful feature. Identity is used throughout the UTM to enable end users with enough network resources to achieve maximum productivity. Whenever the management asks, we have very clear reports to show: Who has done What, and When!” said Mr. Bulut.

Cyberoam‘s VPN solution bridged the geographical distances between the organization‘s branch and head offices. Highly encrypted traffic enforced security over the Internet. VPN proved to be a benefit on multiple fronts as it provided secure business connectivity at a fraction of the cost incurred prior to Cyberoam deployment. It eliminated the need of expensive long-distance leased lines and telephone calls.

“As far as the technical assistance of Cyberoam goes, without much hand-holding, we are trained to troubleshoot most problems. This transparent empowerment leads to high confidence is a good product,” Mr. Bulut beamed

Like many other IT managers, Mr. Bulut‘s apprehension that good security can only be achieved at the cost of business, have been proven wrong by Cyberoam. “In a true sense, Cyberoam is a Business Enabler and One-stop solution for all our security needs. With security, Cyberoam also ensures productivity and connectivity.” Mr. Bulut concluded.