Fly540, Ghana, Africa
Right from Inception, the Fly540 Network is Secured by Cyberoam
About Fly540, Aviation

Fly540 (Five Forty Aviation Ltd.) is a low-cost airline based in Nairobi, Kenya. It operates domestic and international passenger and freight services. Fly540 Ghana is its third African hub and the first in West Africa. It serves Senegal and Equatorial Guinea from its Accra International Airport base.

Fly540 has operations based around three African operational hubs, Kenya, Angola and Ghana.

- Since the establishment of Fly540 Kenya in October 2006, the East African hub is now fully operational. It is based out of Nairobi serving Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. Carrying approx 300,000 passengers per annum, the airline continues to build new routes as it grows its successful network in East Africa.

- Fly540 Angola commenced flying as an ICAO registered airline in January 2011 and has built its route network to more than 15 destinations.

- Fly540 Ghana is a newcomer in the Fly540 family and intends to build an extensive network to cover most of West Africa.

Almost all business activities in our organization are Internet-dependent. For us, a safe and secure Internet connectivity is quite vital indeed

Mr. Simon Nayan
IT Manager
Fly540 Ghana

“Almost all business activities in our organization are Internet-dependent. For us, a safe and secure Internet connectivity is quite vital indeed”, said Mr. Simon Nayan, IT Manager at Fly540 Ghana. Since Fly540 Ghana was a newly established organization, Mr. Nayan took a proactive approach towards Internet Security. He wished to make sure that all network security measures were rigidly in place right at its inception. He identified the following possible vulnerabilities in their network.

Business Continuity Concerns

One primary concern for Mr. Nayan was uninterrupted, secure connectivity with other branches of Fly540. Employees from remote branches needed to access the internal network on a daily basis, which also involved accessing confidential data like customer details and performing financial transactions. Also, any network downtime would spell havoc in their organization. All business activities would come to a standstill resulting in loss of revenue, and maybe reputation too.

Exposure to Cyber Threats

Mr. Nayan wanted to protect the Fly540 network from imminent cyber threats in the form of Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, hacking, remote exploits and other unpredictable attacks. Also, he wanted to minimize the chances of unauthorized, external sources gaining visibility of the network‘s internal resources through Phishing or Pharming. Hence, he was looking for a firewall and a strong IPS solution that guarded the network at the gateway itself.

Unrestricted Internet Access

It is a common tendency among employees to get distracted when given unrestricted access to the Internet. They are tempted by social networking, gaming and other entertaining websites as a result of which their work suffers. Furthermore, employees may unknowingly open up the network to malware by surfing malicious websites or downloading malware-ridden applications.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for a suitable network security solution, Mr. Nayan zeroed in on Cyberoam. They purchased Four (4) Cyberoam appliances, the details of which are given below. All appliances are deployed in Gateway Mode.

Appliance Model Location Office Identity
CR 100ia Accra, Ghana Head Office
Cyberoam 25wi Accra Airport Branch office
Cyberoam 25wi Tamale Airport Branch office
Cyberoam 15wi Takoradi Airport Branch office

Identity-based Security

Identity forms the basis upon which security policies in Cyberoam are defined. This identity-based security protects against insider threats by giving full visibility of user activities in the network. It is like monitoring exactly “Who is Doing What”. Mr. Nayan integrated Cyberoam with an external Active Directory (AD) Server to take full advantage of Cyberoam‘s identity-based security. “The incorporation of identity into security policies is one of the best features of Cyberoam”, said Mr. Nayan.

Business Continuity Maintained

Mr. Nayan uses Cyberoam UTM‘s SSL VPN along with IPSec VPN to provide stable and secure access to the company‘s internal network to remote users. Users from the Branch Offices can access Mail and VoIP servers placed in the Head Office LAN in a safe, hassle-free manner. The SSL VPN allows “Anywhere, Anytime” access to mobile users to the organization‘s internal network.

As the organization has two ISP links, Mr. Nayan uses Cyberoam's Multi-Link Management to handle both links effectively. The Automated Load Balancing feature distributes the traffic between the two ISP links. In case of a link failure, the Automatic Link Failover feature automatically switches the traffic to the working link. So the organization gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference and 100% Internet uptime.

Secured Perimeter

Mr. Nayan has placed Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark Certified Perimeter Firewall between the Internet and Fly540‘s network such that it filters all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic. It allows the „good traffic‘ to come in while the „bad traffic‘ is given a No Entry signal. The Perimeter Firewall is a key component of the Fly540 network security architecture. It is intended to mitigate the risks and losses associated with various forms of cyber attacks.

Controlled Internet Access

Cyberoam‘s 82+ categories tough Web Content filtering technology optimizes the use of Fly540‘s internet resources. Mr. Nayan is able to customize identity-based web filtering policies to impose selective Internet access and surfing rights based on employees‘ working needs. He can also prioritize the organization‘s bandwidth usage as per business requirements with more effective controls on which employee consumes how much bandwidth (upload and download limits) during any time of the day. Furthermore, this feature keeps all harmful websites, malware, phishing, pharming attacks and undesirable content at bay.

Drawing a Close

Expressing his satisfaction with Cyberoam, Mr. Nayan said, “Cyberoam is a powerpacked all-in-one UTM device that gives complete ROI.”