FCCG, Kuwait, UAE
FCCG Trusts Cyberoam for its Network Security

Established in December 1998, Future Communication Co. Global K.S.C.C. (FCCG) is one of the leading holding companies which provide fully integrated Telecommunication and Information Technology (IT) solutions within the Middle East and North Africa region. FCCG and its subsidiary companies, FCCI one of the subsidiary operate from all around the Gulf region (Kuwait, KSA, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman); with the groups headquarter located in Kuwait.

Their mission is to provide cutting-edge telecommunication and IT products and services to satisfy their customer‘s long-term needs.

The FCCG network basically comprised of contract and confidential documents .Hence we needed a good Internet security solution.

Mr. Adil Naveed<
Technical Manager

“We had multiple requirements. If I wished to classify them into categories I would say, we need a solution to take care of our security, productivity and connectivity needs,” Mr. Shah informed.

Business Need of Internet

The security scenario in FCGG springs from widespread usage of the Internet for managing daily business operations. With a large number of users in the corporate network at the head office in Kuwait, employees require Internet access for getting answers on simple search engine queries and internet network marketing - to build a network marketing organization using the internet.

“We have to make sure that there is no intentional or unintentional misuse of internet, our network is clean and well protected.” Mr. Naveed said.

Network Perimeter Defense

The FCCG network essentially consisted of contracts and confidential documents. However, at the same time, the authorities have a responsibility to protect users from network threats, and keep the network up and running. A top security priority was to establish a private network to keep confidential information safe from unauthorized users, hackers, and other threats. Consequently, Mr. Naveed wanted a gateway firewall for protection of their entire network.

Supervising Website Access

“As Internet use grows in business, so do the risks of uncontrolled access. When workers inadvertently or deliberately access sites containing inappropriate, illegal, or dangerous content, FCCG lose productivity, expose themselves to legal liability, and in some cases experience degraded network performance”, said Mr. Naveed. Thus, the organization needed an effective filtering solution which can help solve these problems by blocking access to inappropriate Web sites or those that can detract from employee productivity.

Business Continuity Concerns

One major issue was the connectivity problem. "If Internet was down our business activities would come to a halt," Mr. Naveed said. To avoid a single point of failure, multiple locations had multiple ISP links. So, multiple ISP links load balancing, and failover is also a critical need.

The Cyberoam Solution

In order to address their business challenges, FCCG looked into a number of security products including Barracuda. However, after seeing a trial demo of Cyberoam, they took the decision of deploying the Cyberoam appliance - CR100i in gateway mode at the branch office in Dajeej.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    The Cyberoam firewall acts as the first component of a FCCG solution. It acts as a filter between the company‘s gateway and the Internet in order to block malicious attempts to access the company‘s network, and allow only legitimate traffic. It prevents Bad Guys from breaking in and helps keep confidential data from being sent out.

    It will also detect intruders, block them from entering the company's computer network, notify the system administrator, record information about the source of the attempted break-in, and produce reports to help authorities track down the culprits. FCCG‘s users are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open.

  • Web Content Filtering

    Cyberoam‘s 82+ category tough Web Content filtering technology kept the organization‘s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering features makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data.

  • Business Continuity Restored

    Driven by business need of organization‘s connectivity over Internet, FCCG has two (2) ISP links. Cyberoam‘s Multi-Link Manager intelligently load balances the traffic and manages link failover between the two (2) broadband links. These links terminate on Cyberoam. The Multi-Link Manager constantly monitors the performance of the links. In case of a link failure, the load is automatically transferred to the working link, seamlessly, which leads to 100% Internet uptime, and round the clock availability of requisite bandwidth. In case of a link failure, Cyberoam automatically switches the traffic to the working link. So the organization gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference. On the way, it also bridges our connectivity and productivity requirements.

  • To Conclude

    “Online support and immediate response to ticket generated is one of its major highlight. We are in the process to buy 200i and will use all its features”, Mr. Naveed said.