Eram Group, Saudi Arabia, ME
Cyberoam Ensures Constant Business Connectivity and Efficient Internet Usage in Eram Group
About Eram Group, Conglomerate

Eram Group, a leading business conglomerate with well entrenched business presence across the continents, was founded in mid 1980’s. Ever since, ERAM has achieved a niche position of market leadership in multi-faceted business lines including Industrial Contracting, Project Management Solutions, Automotive, Healthcare, Travel, IT, Manufacturing, Trading & Product Representation and other service sectors. Operating across GCC, Europe and India, ERAM has expanded as one among the largest business conglomerates in the region. The Group is well capitalized and is a privately held business enterprise led by a strong management team.

Cyberoam gave us more reason to smile since it acts as a long term solution for our security needs. We got more than what we were looking for

Mr. Nidheesh Illam
Network Engineer
Eram Group

For business conglomerates like Eram Group, which have multiple offices in geographically diverse locations, Internet is a must. “A large proportion of our business transactions are reliant on the Internet. Above that, most of our inter-office communication is dependent on the Internet”, said Mr. Nidheesh Illam, Network Engineer at Eram Group.

He noticed certain security issues in their network, which were:

Unruly Internet Usage

Employees had unrestricted Internet access of which they took undue advantage. Social networking, gaming or other such websites distracted them and affected their work productivity. In Mr. Illam’s words, “They could be on facebook or other sites when they should be working!” Furthermore, upload and download of streaming media like music, videos, etc. put a strain on available bandwidth

Erratic Internet Availability

“Internet is the lifeline for all our business activities ,” said Mr. Illam. All work would come to a standstill if connectivity is lost. To avoid a single point of failure, Eram uses 2 ISP links. Hence, management of these links was of critical need.

GBC also has certain users who need to access the company’s resources remotely. It was a matter of concern for Mr. Illam to provide such users access to sensitive data through VPN. He desired a more secure and stable VPN

The Cyberoam Solution

After looking into several security solutions, Mr. Illam decided to trust Cyberoam with Eram Group’s network. They purchased Two (2) Cyberoam Appliances: One (1) CR 100iNG which they deployed at the Eram Engineering Site and One (1) CR 35wi at Eram Group Head Office. After Cyberoam deployment,

they noticed the following benefits:

  • Firewall: A Barricade of Fire

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark certified firewall provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. This helps to determine if a data packet should be permitted or discarded through the firewall to the internal LAN. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. With a comprehensive database of 4500+ IPS signatures, Mr. Illam now feels that data of the organization is well protected from several variants of spyware attacks, spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to keyloggers, Trojans and more.

  • Internet Usage under Strict Control

    Cyberoam’s Web and Application Filter allows Mr. Illam to create customized policies keeping in mind the usage of each and eve ry user. Some users are allowed more privileges than others depending on their position in the organization. Surfing of certain harmful or unhealthy sites, like social networking and gaming sites, are closely monitored. Also, all P2P and instant messaging applications are completely corked. This keeps the employees productively focused.

  • To Conclude

    “Cyberoam gave us more reason to smile since it acts as a long t erm solution for our security needs. We got more than what we were looking for,” said Mr. Illam.