Elenco Emirates Group, UAE, Middle East
Cyberoam Ensures Stable Remote Connectivity among Elenco Emirates Group of Companies
About Elenco Emirates Group, Conglomerate

Elenco Emirates Group (EEG) is the premier parent group comprising of Elenco General Trading, Elenco General Contracting, Electrical Centre, Insulco Emirates and Elenco Emirates Group Factory.

The group focuses on diversified interests in the trading and installation of Kitchen and Laundry Equipments, Home Appliances, Electrical Equipments, execution of Maintenance and Engineering projects and Insulation. The individual entities of the group are leaders in the U.A.E industry with a proven track of offering quality and reliable products and services with competitive spirits. The group's clientele include various Government Ministries, Major Oil Companies, Defence Sector, Hotels and Major Private Organizations.

Most of our business and communication activities are mediated by Internet

Mr. Devassy Jose Tharakan
Group IT Manager
Elenco Emirates Group

“Most of our business and communication activities are mediated by Internet”, said Mr. Devassy Jose Tharakan, Group IT Manager at EEG. They use Internet for communications via emails, file sharing and application access. They host a number of applications in their internal web servers, access to which is given to all branches, partners and customers via Internet on Citrix Platform.

Mr. Tharakan realized that although Internet is such an important resource, it could be the source of maximum security breaches in the EEG network. He noticed the following loopholes in their network.

Inefficient Bandwidth Utilization

“We could not effectively utilize the available bandwidth”, said Mr. Tharakan. Load Balancing was poor and there wasn‘t any accountability on Internet usage. Congested bandwidth was disrupting critical business functions. Unrestricted web-surfing resulted in consuming most of the bandwidth leaving little room for legitimate activities.

Business Continuity Concerns

Mr. Tharakan desired secure and stable VPN connectivity with other subsidiaries of EEG as well as branches. Furthermore, EEG has certain mobile users who need to access the company‘s resources remotely. It was a matter of concern for Mr. Tharakan to provide such users access to sensitive company data over VPN.

No Firewall

Mr. Tharakan wanted an effective firewalling solution that would control Internet traffic and provide a level of protection against network-based attacks. He wanted to minimize the chances of outsiders gaining visibility of internal network resources through Phishing, Pharming, hacking, remote exploits, Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and other unpredictable attacks.

The Cyberoam Solution

After searching the market for a security solution that would fulfil their requirements, Mr. Tharakan decided that Cyberoam is most suitable to their needs. They bought Five (5) Cyberoam Appliances from Cyberoam Partner, Cosmos Computer Co LLC. The locations at which these appliances are deployed are given in the table below. All appliances are deployed in Gateway Mode.

Appliance Model Location
Cyberoam 200i Elenco Emirates Group Head Office, Abu Dhabi
Cyberoam 50ia Elenco Emirates Group Factory, ICAD - Mussafah
Cyberoam 25ia Elenco Dubai
Cyberoam 15i Elenco Mafraq
Cyberoam 15i Elenco Alain

After deployment, Mr. Tharakan noticed the following improvements.

  • Identity-based Security

    Cyberoam‘s unique identity-based security protects against outside as well as insider threats by giving full visibility of user activities in the network. It precisely monitors “Who is doing What”. This feature allows creation of identity-based policies. Mr. Tharakan used Local Authentication to create user identities for all employees and then created extensive identity-based policies. He divided users into appropriate groups and applied policies according to the requirements of each group. “Thanks to Cyberoam‘s Identity-based security, I am able to manage all users very well”, he said.

  • Cyberoam Firewall – A Barricade of Fire

    Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark certified firewall provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. This helps to determine if a data packet should be permitted or discarded through the firewall to the internal LAN. Coupled with Intrusion Prevention module, Cyberoam UTM can counter any Denial of Service attack. With a comprehensive database of 4000+ IPS signatures, Mr. Tharakan now feels that data of the organization is well protected from several variants of spyware attacks, spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to keyloggers, Trojans and more.

  • Optimized Internet Usage

    Cyberoam‘s Web and Application Filter allows Mr. Tharakan to create user/group based web and application access policies. Each user is given only that much access as is required in his work, while other unproductive sites are kept out of bounds. “With the help of Cyberoam, we are able to increase the overall productivity of our employees”, said Mr. Tharakan.

    Also, Cyberoam‘s Bandwidth Management solution solved EEG‘s earlier issues with bandwidth scarcity for business-critical applications. Bandwidth Management offers Identity-based bandwidth control, preventing congestion, bandwidth abuse and optimizing bandwidth. Mr. Tharakan can now prioritize the organization‘s bandwidth usage as per business requirements with more effective controls on which user consumes how much bandwidth (upload and download limits) during any time of the day

  • Business Continuity Upheld

    Cyberoam UTM‘s VPN solution provides secure VPN connectivity to remote offices as well as mobile users. Hence, it dealt with Mr. Tharakan‘s requirement of providing stable and secure access to the company‘s network to remote users. Cyberoam ensures that the user can connect securely from any location and use the resources. Threat-free Tunneling technology in the VPN ensures that all the traffic is scanned for malware and encrypted.

  • Conclusion

    “Cyberoam has been successful in meeting all our requirements and more. Honestly, we feel that we were 100% right in choosing Cyberoam”, said Mr. Tharakan.