Electrotherm India Ltd, India
Cyberoam UTM Secures Core Business Network in Electrotherm
About Electrotherm India Ltd, Steel and Vehicle Manufacturing

Ahmedabad-based Electrotherm is a leading Indian player to offer turnkey services for setting up medium-sized steel plants. Electrotherm manufactures melting equipments as per European standards and CE certificates. Electrotherm has extended its business from a metallurgical solution provider to an electric vehicle manufacturer. Yo-bykes brand of electric vehicle provide futuristic vehicles which are not only economical but also eco-friendly and at the same time inexpensive to acquire and easy to operate.

Electrotherm has its network in 27 places in India and also in Africa, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Russia and other CIS countries. Today the company is amongst the foremost steel and engineering companies of the world.

Mr. Himanshu Deliwala
Electrotherm India Ltd

Electrotherm faced major problem of Internet misuse and spam. They used a Linux based firewall to overcome these problems with little success. The mailboxes remained cluttered with potentially dangerous unsolicited, unwanted and inappropriate mail messages.

Unrestricted surfing led to loss of productivity. Downloading malicious online content left the network riddled with viruses and spyware. These malware crippled the desktops' processing powers. The call-home-spyware ate into the corporate bandwidth. Slow browsing complaints were frequent and the IT help desk was flooded.

Both the Electrotherm headquarters and factory are situated in remote locations and they work on wireless connectivity provided by two separate ISP vendors. Whenever the malware within the network launched a Denial of Service attack, the wireless Internet link connectivity was crippled which lead to extended Internet outages within Electrotherm.

The Network administrator, Mr. Himanshu Deliwala said, “To promote a safe and healthy working culture amongst employees, we were looking for an easy and 'intelligent' Internet Security Solution which can provide basic firewalling and Advance access control through Intrusion Prevention System. We wanted our Web and mail content secured by gatewayAnti Spam,Anti Virus and Web Content Filtering. Apart from this we also wanted a solution to manage our bandwidth and load balancing and fail-over for the multiple ISP links.”

One very important factor in Electrotherm's paradigm was: they wanted userbased security and not just an IPAddress based traditional solution. The company needed user's behavior based security solution which provides tailor-made security to the users. The administrators should be empowered by the solution to create security policies to curb the unproductive user behavior.

The Cyberoam Solution

In the quest for a total Internet security and access control solution, after a preliminary analysis of various competitors, Electrotherm decided to deploy Cyberoam Unified Threat Management solution. After a successful pilot deployment the company acquired two appliances.

Electrotherm has 300 users at its headquarters on the outskirts ofAhmedabad and 50 users at its factory in Kachchh, Gujarat. The company chose CR 250i for the Ahmedabad Head Office and CR 100i for its factory location.

Electrotherm deployed Cyberoam in gateway mode; both the ISP links terminate directly on to Cyberoam. One ISP link has been assigned weight 1 and the other is assigned 2. Using the load balancing feature, Electrotherm divided the Internet traffic between both the links to guarantee continuous business connectivity and maximum ROI for its purchased wireless bandwidth.

Cyberoam firewall provided granular access controls over Internet and the network resources. The firewall also provided a central point of control over the UTM security features making the solution user friendly. Mr. Deliwala created custom IPS policies to identify and prevent any potential DoS attacks. Stable Internet connectivity, unclogged network and reduced the loss of data packets now prevents wastage of valuable working hours. He custom IPS signature created to block Kproxy a free anonymous Web proxy used to circumvent the gateway security, ensures that all internal attempts to circumvent security are thwarted.

The Network Administrator said “Using Cyberoam's unique Identity-based security we can monitor every user's internet usage and behavior. Based on the Identity based reports, we modify and fine tune our Internet access policy to align with the corporate policy. We make sure that we cater to the business needs of every user and provide unobtrusive security.”

Cyberoam provides a strong and interactive reporting to fulfill the objective of unhindered network visibility. It facilitated the network administrator in keeping a vigilant eye on all the network activity to take proactive action prior to any outbreak. The administrator kept a watchful eye on the users' online behavior and formulated security policies to streamline it to comply with the company's business needs. Cyberoam helped Mr. Deliwala to transparently align security policies to the business needs of Electrotherm.

Prior to Cyberoam deployment, 80-90% of mails per user were spam. Postdeployment, to the pleasant surprise of Mr. Deliwala, spam vanished. Less unwanted mail traffic, helped saving bandwidth, lifted the burden on mail storage and the productivity of employees increased as they did not have to wade through heaps of unsolicited mails. Cyberoam gateway anti-virus prevented a wide range of viruses, spyware, trojans and keyloggers from entering the network.

Mr. Deliwala blocked all the access to P2P applications and only selective users have access to Instant Messengers.All the file transfer over IM applications is also controlled. This ensures increased productivity of employees and confidentiality of organizational data by blocking file transfer over IM. Cyberoam's Content Filtering feature blocked all unproductive surfing.

While the initial deployment was easy, the Network Administrator was very happy with the technical assistance provided through the deployment process and after it. “Cyberoam's technical assistance team made us independent by focusing on two things: one - solution, two knowledge transfer.”

Future Plans:

In the next stage, Electrotherm plans to enhance security by implementing Cyberoam's VPN feature to connect its application servers to remote manufacturing locations. The company is also planning to connect the headquarters and factory through point to point connection

“A business-friendly Internet security solution backed by prompt technical assistance, which is how I would define Cyberoam UTM,” said Mr. Deliwala.