Dreampark, Egypt, Middle East
Cyberoam UTM: A Comprehensive Internet Security Provider for Dreampark
About Dreampark, Entertainment

Dreampark, located in Egypt, is one of the most famous amusement parks in the Middle East. The Park was established in 1999 and designed by The Famous Canadian Architecture Company called Forrec. Dreampark is a member of IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions). Built over 150 acres, the park consists of fantasy world of myths, legends and fairy tales for kids, fast food cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, train, two theatres and much more.

The Internet plays a vital role for the functioning of an amusement park. They depend on Internet for providing online games to their customers, maintaining their website, general surfing and other activities.

We faced issues related to Spam and bandwidth due to which our productivity and efficiency was affected tremendously

Mr. Ahmed Samir
System Management Head

Mr. Ahmed Samir, the System Management Head at Dreampark outlined the requirement of Internet security by saying, “We faced issues related to Spam and bandwidth due to which our productivity and efficiency was affected tremendously.”

The security challenges faced were:

Spam Emails Pestering Everyone

Mr. Samir was worried about the amount of Spam mails being received in the network. He also noticed that these mails led the employees to waste their precious time in reading and deleting the mails individually. They also increased the load on the server, creating bandwidth congestion. Hence, he wanted to control these unwanted Emails that affected their productivity. Moreover, if any of the Emails contained malware, it led to additional unnecessary hassles for all.

Bandwidth Deficiency

Often employees tend to use the available bandwidth for uploading, downloading, watching videos and doing unproductive surfing. This made the essential and legitimate applications almost inaccessible. As a result productivity and bandwidth was adversely affected. Also, the business was hampered due to the unavailability of sufficient bandwidth.

The Cyberoam Solution

Dreampark searched the market for a solution that could meet their above challenges. During their search, they found Cyberoam to fit in their requirements and purchased Two (2) CR100iNG. They deployed them in Gateway Mode.

The positive outcome noticed after deploying Cyberoam are:

  • Protective Network Perimeter

    Cyberoam’s Checkmark and ICSA Certified Firewall, offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network, application and identity -based security. It thus protects the organizations from DoS, DDoS and IP Spoofing attacks. Its Fusion Technology blends security, connectivity and productivity by enabling the administrators to create policies for multiple features through a single interface.

  • Spam Mails Driven Away from the Doorstep

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Spam solution provides Spam detection rate of over 98% and false positive rate of 1 in 1.5 million. This ensures that Case Study “We faced issues related to Spam and bandwidth due to which our productivity and efficiency was affected tremendously”. Mr. Ahmed Samir System Management Head Dreampark www.cyberoam.com legitimate mails reach safely to employees’ inboxes while Spam is kept at bay leading to minimal business loss. This feature also offers IP based filtering solution that blocks the source which delivers the spam Emails. In addition, the RPD technology offers real-time protection from the very first moment a new outbreak emerges. It also offers the facility of managing Emails with message, attachment size and subject line thereby minimizing exposure to threats and legal implications.

    Expressing his relief from Spam mails, Mr. Samir stated, “Thanks to Cyberoam for considerably bringing down the number of Spam mails in our network.”

  • Identity-based Security

    Cyberoam’s identity-based security solution protects against insider threats by giving transparency into what is going on in the network. Mr. Samir used Cyberoam’s Active Directory (AD) facility to bring the Dreampark users under its inspection. This feature greatly helps him create policies for controlling the activities based on identity of the users rather than IP Addresses. Thus, it helps him to keep a track of the Internet activities.

    Mr. Samir said, “Cyberoam’s identity-based security helps us to control all our users very easily”.

  • Prevention from Bandwidth Blockage

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management solution provides QoS for business-critical applications by prioritizing them based on a certain criteria.

    It also allows administrators to create schedules based on which time for accessing the Internet can be allocated to each user. Moreover, it also offers identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing blockage and bandwidth abuse.

    Mr. Samir said, “Bandwidth Management solution has enabled us to control the traffic and prevent blockage, resulting into stable network”.

  • Customizable Internet Access Policies

    Cyberoam’s Web Filtering solution blocks undesirable content on the Internet with the help of its comprehensive database of 89+ categories, so that no one can access them. Thus, it protects u from harmful content like porn and violence. Cyberoam’s Application Filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, IMs, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive download. Moreover, Cyberoam with its identity-based filtering, allows the administrator to create schedules and assign Internet access policies, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions to individual user based on a certain criteria.

    Mr. Samir said, “Cyberoam has enabled us to create customized policies and configure them on each employee.”

  • Efficient Technical Support

    Mr. Samir said, “Cyberoam’s support team has always answered to all our queries informatively whenever contacted. Also, all our issues are resolved promptly”.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Samir, conveying his satisfaction, said, “Cyberoam’s support team is the best. Also, Cyberoam as a product has helped us immensely in solving all our Internet security problems.”