Doha DownTown Hotel Qatar, Asia
Cyberoam – A UTM Solution Assuring Continuous Internet Availability
About Doha DownTown Hotel, Hospitality

Built in 2012, Doha DownTown Hotel (DDTH) is situated in Doha the capital city of Qatar. It is among one of the city’s luxury hotel apartments. It comprises of 142 apartments, 21 studios, 82 one-bedroom and 39 two-bedroom apartments, featuring a complete suite of the finest facilities and services.

Being in the hotel industry, DDTH requires Internet for communication, providing Internet access to the guests and for hotel administration purposes.

Shielding the network against various threats while being connected to the Internet was our major concern.

Mr. Zeeshan Hashmi
IT Manager
Doha DownTown Hotel

Mr. Zeeshan Hashmi, the IT Manager at DDTH, was looking for an Internet security solution that could provide non-stop and high-speed Internet connectivity to their guests as a part of the basic facilities. He wanted to shield their network against various threats while being connected to the Internet. The network issues which Mr. Hashmi noticed were as follows:

Uncontrolled and Unsafe Web Surfing

Mr. Hashmi wanted to keep his employees focused and prevent them from getting distracted by social networking, videos, music and other non-work related activities on the web. A certain amount of restriction was also required to be put on guests for Internet browsing. Restricted websites, such as those pertaining to porn or violence needed to be corked off to protect their guests and shun any legal consequences due to reckless surfing by a guest.

Unnecessary Bandwidth Utilization

Often the employees and guests used the available bandwidth for uploading, downloading, watching videos and doing unproductive surfing. This made the necessary and genuine applications almost inaccessible. As a result productivity and bandwidth was adversely affected. Moreover, it created a blockage for the hotel in providing high-speed Internet facility to their guests.

The Cyberoam Solution

DDTH was in search of a solution that could fulfil all their network security requirements. Zerone Technologies, a Cyberoam Partner, guided Mr. Hashmi in his decision. Finally, they zeroed in on Cyberoam. They deployed One (1) CR300i at Doha DownTown Hotel and One (1) CR 35ia at Javau Cafe in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam they found the following benefits:

  • Firewall – Securing the Network Periphery

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark certified Firewall provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and network resources. It provides deep packet inspection for network based security thereby protecting the organization from DoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks.

    With a database of 4000+ IPS signatures Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) automatically detects, blocks and drops the suspicious mail and web traffic ensuring complete network security.

  • Controlled Web Surfing Practices

    With millions of URLs divided into 82+categories, Cyberoam’s Web Filtering solution helps Mr. Hashmi to allow the employees and guests to access only those websites that are permitted by the hotel’s policies. Thus it protects the guests and employees from accessing the harmful content like porn and violence. Cyberoam’s Web and Application Filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, IMs, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth-intensive download. Moreover, Cyberoam’s identity-based filtering allows the administrator to create schedules and assign Internet access policies, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions to individual user based on a certain criteria.

    Mr. Hashmi said, “With Cyberoam at my Internet gateway, I am assured that all my staff and guests are safe from harmful content”.

  • Cautious Utilization of Bandwidth

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management solution provides QoS for business-critical applications by prioritizing them based on a certain criteria. It also allows administrators to create schedules based on which time for accessing Internet can be allocated to each user. Moreover, it also offers identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing blockage and bandwidth abuse.

    Mr. Hashmi said, “Bandwidth Management solution helps us greatly to manage and optimize bandwidth prudently”.

  • User Integration

    Cyberoam’s identity-based security solution protects against insider threats by giving transparency into what is going on in the network. Mr. Hashmi used Cyberoam’s Active Directory (AD) facility to bring the DDTH users under its inspection. This feature greatly helps him create policies for controlling the activities based on identity of the users rather than IP Addresses. Thus, it helps him to keep track of the activities going on in the network.

    Mr. Hashmi said, “Cyberoam’s identity-based security is one the best features which helps us to control all our users very easily”.

  • Easy and Safe Remote Access

    Cyberoam’s On-Appliance SSL VPN solution provides Anywhere, Any Time and Any Device VPN connectivity. Hence it provides a secure and stable connectivity between the hotel and its remote users. Cyberoam ensures that with less configuration and easy setup, the employees can easily and securely connect and access the property management system from any location. Mr. Hashmi said, “With the help of Cyberoam we can easily access our resources from any location.”

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Hashmi said, “After installing Cyberoam in our network all our problems got solved. It has also enabled us to achieve considerable Return on Investment”.