Chitale Dairy, India, Asia
Chitale Dairy Relies on Cyberoam UTM, A One And All Internet Security Solution
About Chitale Dairy, Manufacturing

Chitale Dairy was established by Shri B. G. Chitale in the year 1939, in Maharashtra. The company bears the quality tag of the Chitale Group. They are into manufacturing and marketing of dairy products.

Chitale depends on Internet for major activities like communication, IT backend handling, accessing remote resources and administrative purposes.

The amount of viruses, managing bandwidth and authenticating users to the network had become a cause of concern for us.

Mr. Vishvas Parshuram Chitale
Chitale Dairy

Mr. Vishvas Parshuram Chitale, a Partner of Chitale Dairy, said, “The amount of viruses, managing bandwidth and authenticating users to the network had become a cause of concern for us.”

The network issues faced were:

User Authentication Problems

The mechanism used for authenticating the employees did not suffice the needs of the company. Hence, they could not apply policies on the employees and control their surfing trends. Moreover, they were unaware of what was going on in the network.

Virus Outbreak in the Network

Mr. Chitale was depressed with the amount of virus attacks. He said, “Many a times these viruses caused serious issues like file corruption, data loss and even network downtime.” This led to loss of productivity and had high impacts on the business activities. Hence, controlling theses dreadful viruses had become a major cause of anxiety for us.

Insufficiency of Bandwidth

Often employees got engaged in non-work related activities like surfing, chatting, downloading music etc. Hence, while doing so, these websites consumed a major amount of bandwidth, making other genuine applications and websites almost inaccessible. This affected the business immensely. Mr. Chitale said, “We often faced bandwidth management problems.”

The Cyberoam Solution

Chitale Dairy considered many products like Cisco, Juniper and SonicWall to meet their needs but they were not satisfied. After having a demo of Cyberoam, they found answers to all their questions and purchased Five (5) Appliances. All are deployed in Gateway Mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given below:

Appliance Model No. of Appliances Location Office Type
Cyberoam Virtual Appliance 1 Maharashtra Head Office
25ia 1 Karad, Maharashtra Branch Offices
25iNG 1 Pune Branch Offices
15iNG 1 Pune Branch Offices
15i 1 Bhilawadi, Maharashtra Branch Offices

After deploying Cyberoam they found the following results:

  • Firewall – A Wall Protecting the Network

    Cyberoam’s Firewall, Checkmark and ICSA certified ensures that their network is safe from attacks like DoS, DDoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. It also provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and network resources. Its Fusion Technology blends security, connectivity and productivity by enabling the administrators to create policies for multiple features through a single interface. Thus it simplifies the administration.

  • Malware Corked off at the Entrance

    Cyberoam’s Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware solution offers web, Email and Instant Messaging security against malware, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware and key loggers. Email, Web and VPN traffic is also scanned for malware. It also blocks attachments for specified file types like executables, media files, password-protected files etc. before any malware affects the network. Moreover, its Virus Outbreak Detection protects against early hour massive virus outbreaks.

    Mr. Chitale said, “Cyberoam scans all incoming and outgoing traffic, blocking the malwares at the entrance itself.”

  • Sufficient and Wise Distribution of Bandwidth

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management wisely distributes the bandwidth among the employees and provides QoS for business-critical applications on the basis of a certain criteria. It offers identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing blockage and optimizing bandwidth.

    Mr. Chitale said, “Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management wisely distributes the bandwidth among all, making business-critical applications accessible.”

  • User Identity Based Security

    Cyberoam UTM, with a distinct identity-based security solution protects against insider threats by giving absolute visibility into “Who is doing What?” in the network. Mr. Chitale used Cyberoam’s Local Authentication facility for monitoring the employees. This feature greatly helps him to create policies for controlling the activities based on identity of the users rather than IP Addresses. Thus it helps him to know what is going on in the network with less effort.

    Mr. Chitale being impressed by this feature said, “Cyberoam’s Identity based security solution works efficiently and has considerably reduced our concerns”.

  • Secured Remote Data Transmission

    Cyberoam enables the remote users to connect to the head office with the help of SSL and L2TP VPN. Its road warrior connectivity enables the management and IT staff to securely access the files, ERP data entry network and system management applications from anywhere and anytime. Also, its Threat-Free Tunnelling Technology scans all the VPN traffic and ensures that no malware or intrusions enter the network. Moreover, its VPN connection failover feature offers automatic continuous connectivity for L2TP connections across multiple ISP gateways. Thus Cyberoam’s SSL and L2TP VPN provides continuous and easy remote access to the organization, minimizing the data entry effort for the staff.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Chitale said, “Cyberoam’s unified approach of management has been great for us. It has provided solutions to most of our challenges, making itself to be among the top recommended network security solutions”.