Carnes Ramos, Mexico
Carnes Ramos Entrusts Cyberoam with Their Network‘s Security
About Carnes Ramos, FMCG

Carnes Ramos was established in the 1970's. With a rich experience of “feeding families” for over 42 years, it is one of the leading companies in Mexico engaged in the sale of meat products. Currently, it has a taskforce of more than 350 workers and geographically expands its services every year to better attend to their customers‘ needs.

We were always in a „fire-fighting mode‘, triangulating the source of the problem, blocking unproductive sites, restricting and monitoring messaging tools, etc. All of that was reactive and manual.

Mr. Engineer Luis De León
IT consultant and manager
Carnes Ramos

“Internet is our Lifeline. All our major business activities, like payroll, inventory, shipping and invoice management, POS System, etc., are handled through the Internet,” said Engineer Luis De León, IT consultant and manager at Carnes Ramos.

Previously, the Carnes Ramos network was quite vulnerable to network-based attacks due to lack of competent network security solutions, especially at their branch offices. On being asked how they dealt with attacks, Engineer León replied, “We were always in a „fire-fighting mode‘, triangulating the source of the problem, blocking unproductive sites, restricting and monitoring messaging tools, etc. All of that was reactive and manual.”

The major issues in the Carnes Ramos network were as follows.

  • Vulnerability to Cyber Threats

    The network was under constant threat from various cyber attacks like spyware, DoS attacks, intrusion attempts, Phishing, Pharming, blended threats and more. In fact, some of their branches had already been targeted by hackers resulting in network downtime and frozen business activities. Hence, they were in dire need of an effective and robust solution that would safeguard their network at the perimeter itself.

  • Uncontrolled Web Surfing

    One of the pressing issues for Engineer León was indiscriminate web surfing. Previously, there were no restrictions whatsoever on Internet usage by employees. Employee-productivity was adversely affected due to non-work related surfing. Download of audio, video and streaming files took a toll on the available bandwidth resulting in network-clogging. Furthermore, reckless surfing added a layer of threat through malicious sites such as phishing and pharming.

  • Undependable Connectivity Between Branches

    Having secure and undisrupted connectivity between its Head Office and Branch Offices was another matter of concern for Carnes Ramos. Exchange of information, like price updates, payroll, inventory controls, etc., to and from the HO and BO over insecure channels gave sleepless nights to many in their IT team.

  • Malware Menace

    Engineer León wanted to barricade the network against virus, root-kit, worm, Trojan and spyware infections. Lack of network security solutions and unruly web surfing by employees made the Carnes Ramos network as exposed to malware as a flower-bed is to bees. “Dealing with network problems due to malware had become a recurring problem with our IT team”, said Engineer León. These malware attacks which often took a blended form through email attachments, PDF, Word documents etc. had the potential to corrupt useful files and destroy important data.

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for a suitable network security solution, Engineer León decided to entrust Cyberoam with the task of securing the Carnes Ramos network. “Cyberoam has Firewall, IPS, Content Filtering, VPN, Anti Virus and Anti Spam; all in a single box with excellent technical support and affordable price. It was altogether an irresistible deal,” he said. They bought Fourteen (14) Cyberoam Appliances. One (1) CR 50ia is deployed at their Head Office in Platón S├ínchez, One (1) CR 25ia in one of their Branch Offices and Twelve (12) CR 15ia in other Branch Offices. All Appliances are deployed in Gateway Mode.

Cyber Attacks Curtailed

Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified stateful inspection firewall now fortifies the Carnes Ramos network and guards its servers against any unauthorized access. It detects intruders, blocks them from entering the company's computer network, records information, and notifies the system administrator about the source of the attempted break-in. In other words, Cyberoam keeps hackers at bay.

With a comprehensive database of 4000+ signatures, Cyberoam‘s Intrusion Prevention System adds a second layer of defence. It protects Carnes Ramos‘s data from several variants of spyware attacks, spoofing and DoS attacks in addition to keyloggers, Trojans and more.

Internet Surfing Controlled

Cyberoam‘s 82+ categories tough Web and Application Filtering technology made it easy for Engineer León to reign in unbridled surfing and downloading over the Internet by the employees. Cyberoam blocks inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and other malware-laden sites. This is done through a constantly updated database of millions of websites. Moreover, Cyberoam‘s identity-based filtering allows Engineer León to set individual user Internet access policy, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions.

Safe Connectivity

“VPN connectivity through Cyberoam has generated the confidence in us to exchange information between our offices”, said Engineer León. Cyberoam provides secure VPN connectivity ensuring safe transfer of sensitive information like payroll, inventory, etc. between their Head Office and Branch Offices.

Malware Kept at Bay

Cyberoam‘s Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware solution secures the Carnes Ramos network by providing real-time protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, keyloggers, spyware and more on all web (HTTP, FTP) and mail (SMTP, POP, IMAP) traffic.

Also, Cyberoam‘s Gateway Anti-Spam, with a spam catch rate of 98%, checks all inbound and outbound mails for email spam, drastically reducing bandwidth and resource consumption.

To Conclude

“Cyberoam succeeds in addressing principle network requirements of organizations in most verticals. Cyberoam has positioned itself as one of the leaders in innovative technologies and is growing quite quickly in the market,” said Engineer León.