Capital Satellite Technologies, Egypt, Africa
Capital Satellite Technologies Relies on Cyberoam for Continuous Internet Availability
About Capital Satellite Technologies, Communication

Cap-Sat Technologies (CAPSAT) provides data and voice solutions to corporate and non-governmental organizations internationally. It uses its expertise in next-generation networking to provide innovative and cost-effective services to the customers who are located in remote areas where conventional communication methods are not available or economically feasible.

Being in the communication industry, Internet acts as a lifeline for CAPSAT and is mainly used for browsing, communication, and internal hosting applications.

Internet being the most productive resource, the business cannot run without Internet connections and hence continuous connectivity and security was a major concern for us.

Mr. Ben Symington,
IT Manager
Capital Satellite Technologies

Mr. Ben Symington, the IT Manager at CAPSAT said, “Internet being the most productive resource, the business cannot run without Internet connections and hence continuous connectivity and security was a major concern for us”.The concerns related to security were:

Network Open to Threats

The CAPSAT network comprised of confidential data, business secrets and other client sensitive information. All these were under a constant threat from DoS, DDoS, IP Spoofing and other network attacks. Mr. Ben Symington said, “Protection against intentional and unintentional intrusion attempts and DoS attacks was necessary for us”.

Unmonitored Web Access

Mr. Ben Symington wanted to prevent his employees from getting distracted by unproductive websites like social networking sites, music and other such entertainment-related websites. He said, “We have known that generally many employees got diverted from their tasks while browsing unproductive websites”. As a result work suffered. Also, sometimes employees unknowingly landed on malicious websites by surfing or downloading malware-laden applications which represented an additional layer of threat.

Business Stability Issues

CAPSAT used Singtel and Singnet ISPs for Internet availability. But they could not load balance the Internet traffic. Moreover, if any of the links failed they had to juggle between the links manually to find the failed link and then configure it again to bring up the network. This resulted into huge amount of network downtime. Hence, multiple ISP links load balancing, and failover was a significant requirement.

The Cyberoam Solution

CAPSAT searched the market to find a solution that could meet their security requirements. Having considered many sol utions Mr. Ben Symington ended his search on Cyberoam. They purchased CR15i, CR25i, CR35i and CCC appliances and deployed them at Tanzania, Zambia, Egypt, Mauritania and Singapore respectively in Gateway and Bridge Mode. After deploying Cyberoam, the benefits noticed are:

  • Firewall – Securing the Network

    Cyberoam’s ICSA and Check Mark Certified Firewall, provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and network resources. Users are given controlled access to network and internal resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open. It also provides a Fusion technology that enables the administrator to create policies for multiple features through a single interface.

  • Monitored Web Access

    Cyberoam has a constantly updated database of millions of sites divided into 82+ categories allowing access only to those sites which are permitted by IT guidelines of the company. Cyberoam’s Web and Application Filtering blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, Instant Messengers, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth- intensive download. Moreover, Cyberoam’s identity-based filtering allows creating and assigning schedules, policies and level of access to individual users based on their designation and role for surfing the web. In addition, HTTPS scanning controls unauthorized secure access, thereby preventing unauthorized download, upload and data leakage.

    Mr. Ben Symington said, “Using Cyberoam’s Web Filtering solution, we are assured that our employees are focused on their tasks”.

  • Business Stability Maintained

    Cyberoam’s Multiple Link Management, wisely distributes the Internet traffic between the two ISP links ensuring their optimum utilization. It also enables Mr. Ben Symington to assign weights to each ISP links such that the traffic load is distributed accordingly. Moreover, the Multi-Link Manager keeps a constant eye on the performance of the links. If any of the links fail the load is transferred to the working link without any manual intervention, leading to all-time Internet accessibility.

    Mr. Ben Symington said, “Thanks to Cyberoam, the network has now become stable and we do not experience down time anymore”.

  • To Conclude

    Being satisfied with the product, Mr. Ben Symington said, “Cyberoam is a good product and has helped us considerably to achieve Return on Investment”.