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Cyberoam Insures Cal Insurance’s Internet Security and Productivity
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CAL Insurance and Associates, Inc. is a San Francisco, California-based multifaceted independent insurance agency. Established in 1927, the firm built its reputation for 80 years by providing a full range of personal and business insurance. Their full spectrum of services has given them the reputation of being an excellent business partner, and consultant on all matters related to insurance. They are also reputed experts in managing enterprise insurance portfolios.

General liability, property, employee practices liability, homeowners, earthquake, flood, auto, employee medical, and workers' compensation are a few of the ingredients that Cal Insurance's Insurance Agents and Account Executives use for the properly protected client.

Internet is a key resource as it is a business enabler. It is used to keep in touch with all the cooperating institutions.

Internet is used to keep in touch with all our co-operating institutions. Our requirements were manifold - Connectivity, Security and Productivity. We were looking for as Single Box Solution.d

Mr. Tomas Banik
IT Manager
Cal Insurance & Associates

The organization was already using a legacy firewall - PIX 501. A firewall solution only cannot control indiscriminate surfing and blended threats originating on the Web. Apprising about Cal Insurance‘s Internet security needs, Mr. Tomas Banik, the IT Manager at Cal Insurance said, “We needed a gateway level solution for four specific purposes:

  • For total business connectivity, we have two ISP links. So we needed bandwidth management, load balancing and ISP link fail-over solutions.
  • Firewall only security architecture was not able to curb unauthorized Internet access. We wanted to give Internet access to employees to fulfill their professional obligations. So we needed Web content filtering to increase the productivity of our employees.
  • Our surfing and mailing activities needed protection. So we needed a gateway antivirus and anti spyware solutions.
  • We have a PPTP VPN server, but I needed a back up VPN solution.

So our needs were manifold, and we were scouring the markets for a viable solution.”

Deploying multiple boxes was not an alternative that they considered. Multiple boxes would directly translate to a high capital and operating expenditure. The inherent complexities of multiple solution deployment were a big turn-off for the organization which dreaded that any such deployment would cause disruption in their daily business activities.

The Cyberoam Solution

Mr. Banik came across three solutions. One was software solutions, which he was reluctant to deploy as he did not find it security hardened enough. Out of the other two appliance-based solutions, one was exorbitantly costly, while Cyberoam was a perfect fit.

After a proof-of-concept that lasted for 30 days, his satisfaction culminated in the purchase of a CR50i appliance, which is deployed in their San Francisco office. The appliance is deployed in the gateway mode, with two ISP links terminating in it. Cyberoam‘s Multi-Link Management module, load balances the Web traffic of Cal Insurance. The ISP link failover feature, ensures that the organization has end-to-end connectivity in case of a link failure.

Cyberoam‘s - ICSA and Checkmark, dual certified firewall is identity-aware. The organization has integrated its Active Directory with Cyberoam. “The integration was a piece of cake. I used the wizard to import my users from the AD server and in a few seconds the process was successfully completed,” Mr. Banik said. The Automated Single Sign-On feature of Cyberoam allowed transparent authentication of the users. Cyberoam‘s total deployment was seamless and non-invasive.

Cyberoam‘s web filtering database has 44 million websites categorized in 82+ categories on appliance. Internet access policies are custom designed to meet the professional requirements of the employees. This ensures that the corporate internet access policy is strictly followed and any attempt of violation, is met with a polite, but firm message to discourage future attempts. All unproductive and harmful surfing is effectively blocked.

Cyberoam UTM is able to secure Web surfing and file transfer protocols. Its anti-virus and anti-spyware solution protects the users while they surf. While all spyware infested sites are blocked under content filtering feature, the gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware solution blocks all malware infiltration while the user is surfing or downloading a file. This multi-pronged approach effectively mitigates all blended threat onslaughts. All the mails are scanned by antivirus and anti-spyware solutions also to ensure their benign nature.

While Cal Insurance already have a preexisting PPTP VPN setup, Cyberoam‘s L2TP VPN provides a VPN backup. This ensures secure end-to-end business connectivity. The On Appliance Reporting feature of Cyberoam gives Mr. Banik clear visibility into all network events. The Identity-based reporting feature gives him the intricate details of an individual‘s internet usage patterns and behavior. This helps him take timely measures to preempt any imminent trouble.

“Cyberoam proved to be the silver bullet that we were searching for. It reinforces our Insurance activities by ensuring a safe and productive environment,” Mr. Banik concluded.