British International School of Al Khobar (BISAK), Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Cyberoam Provides Rock-hard Network Security to British International School of Al Khobar (BISAK)
About British International School Of Al Khobar (BISAK), Education

The British International School of Al Khobar is an educational community that provides diverse and challenging learning experiences. BISAK follows the English National curriculum and delivers IGCSE, GCSE and A-Level examinations at the end of KS4 and KS5.

Their mission is to provide individualized, academically challenging learning experiences in a safe and supportive school environment and develop the skills to become independent, effective lifelong learners.

The network covered sensitive information which was under constant threat from spyware and attacks. So they needed a strong Firewall solution.

Mr. Syed Moinuddin
IT Manager

The concerns are listed below.


The BISAK network essentially consisted of confidential documents. However, at the same time, the authorities have a responsibility to protect users from network threats, and keep the network up and running.

Mr. Syed Moinuddin, IT Manager at BISAK wanted a solution that would control the entire Internet traffic and provide a level of protection from network-based attacks by allowing good traffic and denying bad traffic as defined by a security policy. They need to protect the network against intentional and unintentional intrusion attempts, and Denial of Service attacks.

Regulating Surfing Behaviour

The easy access to the Internet ensures that every child touches a computer every day. This also brings about security problems as students are becoming more tech savvy.

With a diverse group of Internet users, it was impossible for the IT staff at BISAK to set different Internet permission levels. Realizing that faculty and staff sometimes needed to view Websites that students didn‘t need to access such as YouTube, or Yahoo! Video, Mr. Moinuddin decided to look for a Web filtering solution.

“We needed to quickly find a solution that would allow us to easily keep track of the sites visited by the students and staff as well as securely protect our students, faculty and staff from unwanted Websites.”, said Mr. Moinuddin.

The Cyberoam Solution

BISAK tested Cisco ASA, Sonicwall, and Fortinet but found that they were not providing on-appliance reports with the core product. After tracing the market for the correct solution, BISAK purchased 1 unit of Cyberoam CR200i enterprise-class UTM appliance for the school at the Head Office which was soon deployed in gateway mode.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Identity based Security

    Cyberoam UTM delivered unforeseen value additions such as the award-winning identity-based security feature which provides full visibility of user activities in the network, compared to its previous solution. To elaborate, after integrating Cyberoam into the BISAK network infrastructure, Mr. Moinuddin used its Active Directory Services (ADS) to include all BISAK‘s Internet users in the database so their online activities could be further monitored.

  • Perimeter Firewall

    Cyberoam Perimeter security is always best; keeping the bad guys, their attacks, viruses, spyware and malware from ever getting beyond the gatekeeper to your network. Cyberoam firewall is ICSA and Checkmark certified - provides granular access controls over Internet traffic and the network resources. Mr. Moinuddin now felt the network is secure.

  • Web Filtering

    After deploying Cyberoam Web Filtering Solution, the school saw an immediate decrease in the amount of bandwidth being used by spyware on the school‘s network. Cyberoam‘s identity-based filtering allows sets individual user Internet access policy, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions.

    Cyberoam‘s 82+ categories tough Web Content filtering technology kept the school‘s internet resources effectively focused. The Content filtering feature makes sure that all P2P and Instant Messengers are blocked and that there is no breach of data. It blocks access to harmful websites, preventing malware, phishing, pharming attacks and undesirable content that could lead to legal liability and direct financial losses. Cyberoam helps manage students and staff‘s access to websites, minimizing lost time on the internet, and lowering operating costs. In addition, Mr. Moinuddin found the easy administration and customization feature of the Cyberoam made it easier for the school to monitor which Web sites students and staff were trying to visit.

  • Reporting

    Mr. Moinuddin said, “The reporting capabilities are an essential component of the Cyberoam appliance. We consult the activity logs and reports on a weekly basis to ensure that the students and staff are using the Internet appropriately and have the information on hand when dealing with students who abuse our Internet Usage Policy.”