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Biotechpharma impressed with Cyberoam’s Anti-Virus and Content Filtering capabilities
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Biotechpharma UAB is a biopharmaceutical contract development service provider. They support different projects at any stage of development, with its state-of-the-art R&D and Manufacturing facilities. They have expertise in a biotechnological drug substance and drug product development as well as GMP compliant manufacturing. High quality and on time performance is guaranteed by a team of highly qualified and experienced researchers, engineers, technologists and management professionals.

Cyberoam is worth every penny we invested on it. It has silently solved almost all our network security problems.

Mr. Audrius Kazlauskas
IT Head
Biotechpharma UAB

For Biotechpharma, the Internet plays a key role in cutting-edge research and learning related to Biopharmaceutical industry. However, when it comes to usage of the Internet, the company has a responsibility to protect its staff from the Net’s harmful and unproductive side. Mr. Audrius Kazlauskas, the IT Head at Biotechpharma UAB said, “We needed a solution that could provide us full accountability of web and application usage of the staff, and guard the company network from Viruses and Spywares.”

According to Mr. Kazlauskas, the issues that they faced were:

Need for Web and Application Filtering

The staff at Biotechpharma relies heavily on the Internet for business communication, as well as industry related research and learning. Keeping in mind the heavy usage of the Internet in the organization, Mr. Kazlauskas desired to enforce a fair and disciplined Internet access to all users. While some productive websites and applications need to be always available, the unproductive and harmful websites and applications, and undesired upload/download etc. needed to be blocked.

Mr. Kazlauskas quoted, “Having full visibility, security and control over the websites and applications accessed over the company network was a key requirement for us.”

User Accountability Issues

Mr. Kazlauskas desired deployment of a proper user accountability solution in the network, which could monitor the entire browsing pattern of a user. He said, “We wanted a solution that could provide us with total accountability of a user’s Internet activities, irrespective of the device they use to connect to the company network”.

Virus and Malware Threats

“Looking at the heavy usage of the Internet for business purposes, it becomes necessary for the company to provide the staff with a Virus and Malware free environment to work in”, said Mr. Kazlauskas. He wanted the solution to identify and cover all possible entry points that could possibly lead to the company network being infected with such threats.

The Cyberoam Solution

Biotechpharma was in search of a solution that could provide them with top class total security services. They looked into major network security vendors and carefully evaluated them to identify the solution that could best fit their requirements. After a thorough evaluation, they purchased Two (2) CR 100ia and One (1) CR25ia Appliances and deployed both the Appliances in Bridge Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Controlled Web and Application usage

    Cyberoam’s web filtering database has more than 100 million websites neatly grouped into more than 89 categories. The Identity based security approach helps Mr. Kazlauskas to bind User identity with a Web Filter policy. This in turn, enables him to have granular control and unparalleled flexibility in implementing the company’s policy of content accessed over the Internet. Moreover, the feature is coupled with Bandwidth Management feature, which ensures bandwidth availability and data transfer limit based on duration and schedule of access for specific web categories and for specific users.

    Cyberoam delivers comprehensive control and visibility over more than 2,000 applications. It controls unauthorized application usage while supporting business-critical applications. Cyberoam Firewall blocks games and tunneling software that result in Malware entry.

    Mr. Kazlauskas says, “Cyberoam’s Web and Application filtering policies proved to be highly efficient in preventing unauthorized web surfing, uploads/downloads and undesired application usage.”

  • User Accountability Concerns Addressed

    Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Technology allows Mr. Kazlauskas to design identity-based policies, which extends throughout the network, irrespective of the device used by the employees to connect to the network.

    Cyberoam network security appliances offer identity-based AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Audit) allowing control and visibility of who is connected to your network, using what device and what websites/applications they are accessing.

    “Thanks to Cyberoam, we now have complete accountability of all our network user’s web surfing activities”, said Mr. Kazlauskas.

  • Virus Free Network

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware is tightly integrated with IPS, Web Filtering and Anti-Spam modules, securing organizations against blended attacks and maintaining high levels of security. With the Virus detection rate of 99.5%, it ensures that no Malware or Spyware passes through the network edge. Additionally, it blocks upload/download or attachments for specified file types such as executables, media files, PDF, zipped files etc. ensuring data leakage prevention of confidential information.

    Impressed with Cyberoam’s Virus filtering capabilities, Mr. Kazlauskas said, “99.5% for Virus detection rate is an impressive figure. I am happy to say that post Cyberoam deployment, we have enjoyed a Virus free network”

  • Free-of-cost On-Appliance Reporting

    Cyberoam network security appliances deliver in-depth reporting over the appliance, eliminating the need for an independent reporting solution and minimizing the resultant security investment and operational expense. Over 1,200 in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities over dual dashboards – Security dashboard and Traffic dashboard. Its Forensic Analysis feature offers historic user, network and system activity, reducing the cost of investigation and minimizing network downtime.

    “Cyberoam provides thousands of useful reports, providing us with a pretty clear idea of a user’s web surfing and application usage activities”, Mr. Kazlauskas said.

  • To Conclude

    Expressing his satisfaction, Mr. Kazlauskas said, “Cyberoam is worth every penny we invested on it. It has silently solved almost all our network security problems”