Bin Moosa & Daly Ltd. LLC, UAE, Middle East
Cyberoam Ensured Complete Return On Investment for Moosa-Daly
About Moosa-Daly, Retail

Bin Moosa & Daly Ltd. LLC, better known as Moosa-Daly, is a specialized supplier of Flow and Pressure Products and Systems like pumps, piping systems, meters and associated products. It is an authorized distributor of leading European and Australian brands with more than 40 years of experience in the U.A.E. Moosa-Daly supports a staff of over 100 including qualified sales engineers and technicians. It has showroom stores, workshops and service centres located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai. They serve customers that include Ministries, Authorities, Government Departments, oil and gas companies, leading contractors and property developers.

Like most corporates, Internet is one of our most critical resources.

Mr. Shajil Parakkalil
Head of the IT Department
Bin Moosa & Daly Ltd. LLC

“Like most corporates, Internet is one of our most critical resources”, said Mr. Shajil Parakkalil, Head of the IT Department at Moosa-Daly. Internet is used for communication via emails, submittals and ERP access. So, Shajil wanted to ensure a safe and productive Internet experience to all employees. He faced the following concerns regarding Network Security.

Inter-office Connectivity Issues

Moosa-Daly has branches located in various parts of the Middle East. The Branch Offices need reliable connectivity with the Head Office to access internal resources, such as the ERP system. But, due to inefficient remote connectivity, remote users had to face lots of hassle which resulted in poor ERP performance. Hence, “Safe and reliable inter-office connections, in other words, VPN connections were of highest priority to us”, said Shajil.

Imminent Cyber Threats

Any network connected to the Internet has to constantly look out for various threats like spyware, DoS attacks, fragmented and malformed packets, blended threats and more. “Even a single successful intrusion by an external threat could lead to unbearable consequences for our business,” said Shajil. Hence, it was of utmost importance to avoid any incident of communication loss or data tampering due to eavesdropping attacks from external entities. Hence, a strong Firewall and IPS solution was needed.

The Cyberoam Solution

In order to address these challenges, Shajil looked into a number of security products including SonicWall, Cisco and others. However, after seeing a trial demo of Cyberoam, he decided to entrust Cyberoam with the security of the Moosa-Daly network. They bought One (1) CR 50ia from Cyberoam Partner, Cosmos Computer Co LLC, and deployed it in Gateway Mode at their Corporate Office in Abu Dhabi. After Cyberoam installation, the following business benefits were seen.

Inter-office Connectivity Secured

Cyberoam‘s IPSec VPN connectivity ensures secure connection between the Corporate Office and Remote Sites. Remote Office users seamlessly access the network without any worries of breakdown in Internet traffic. Threat-free Tunneling (TFT)-driven VPN ensures that all such traffic is securely encrypted and no malware sneaks through it.

Fortified Network Perimeter

Cyberoam‘s ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified stateful inspection firewall now fortifies the Moosa-Daly network and guards its servers against any unauthorized access. Also, employees are able to access Internet resources, while hackers on the Internet are kept at bay. It detects intruders, blocks them from entering the company's computer network, records information, and notifies the system administrator about the source of the attempted break-in.

To Conclude

On being asked if Cyberoam was able to give them a Return On Investment, Shajil said, “Sure it did! Prior to Cyberoam installation we faced lots of issues due to weak network security, spending lot of IT department time to resolve these issues. As such, we got more than just a Return On Investment.”