Calçados Bebecê Ltda, Brazil, South America
Cyberoam Ensures Continuous, Problem-free Internet Connectivity for Bebecê
About Bebecê, Fashion

Calçados Bebecê is a Brazilian firm which produces and sells trendy and quality female footwear with advanced technology for the local and international market. It was founded in September, 1985, in the city of Três Coroas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Bebecê is owned by Arnaldo and Antônio Moraes, having the strength of 920 direct and 1,700 indirect employees. It produces 20,000 pairs of shoes per day which are sold worldwide. Bebecê has been commemorated with awards like Industrialist of the Year in 2005 and Model Factory in Couromoda in 2006.

Continuous, problem-free Internet connectivity has always been my primary concern

Mr. Ederson Luiz Nunes
IT Manager
Calçados Bebecê

Fashion houses like Bebecê tend to use Internet for extensive research and marketing activities. So, naturally, Internet is one of their most precious resources. “Continuous, problem-free Internet connectivity has always been my primary concern”, said Mr. Ederson Luiz Nunes, IT Manager at Calçados Bebecê. Before Cyberoam, Mr. Nunes faced the following Internet security concerns.

Leakage of Confidential Data

“IM applications are a boon and a bane for our company”, said Mr. Nunes. Like most organizations, employees at Bebecê use IM applications like Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger for internal as well as external communications. At the one hand, these applications are essential for business continuity because they enable communications at real time. But, on the other hand, they are the most common means through which confidential data, like passwords and security codes, are leaked.

Vulnerable Network Perimeter

Mr. Nunes wanted to allow online access to employees, while simultaneously protecting its network from increasingly complicated blended threats. This posed a major challenge for him. “Unrestricted surfing and downloads invite a deluge of malware and spyware”, he said. All Phishing, Pharming and Malicious Websites needed to be blocked. Therefore, Bebecê needed an intrusion prevention solution and a firewall to protect the network against intentional and unintentional intrusion attempts, and Denial of Service attacks.

Undue Advantage of Internet

Any artistic work, especially that of a designer in a fashion house, involves extensive research. Hence, they need boundless access to the Internet. Unfortunately, such freedom in Bebecê was more often than not abused by the employees. They spent more time on unproductive surfing than any useful work. “For all that I know, they would be loitering on Facebook, rather than studying the latest fashion trend!” mused Mr. Nunes. This had an adverse impact on the company‘s productivity

The Cyberoam Solution

After scouring the market for a suitable security solution, Mr. Nunes decided to entrust Cyberoam with his network‘s security.

Bebecê purchased One (1) CR 300i and deployed it in Gateway Mode at their datacenter. After Cyberoam deployment, the following business benefits were noticed.

  • Perimeter Safeguarded

    Cyberoam‘s Checkmark and ICSA dual certified Firewall safeguards Bebecê‘s network against intruders like a dragon protecting its eggs. Users are given controlled access to network and internet resources, ensuring that no security loopholes are left open. With a comprehensive database of 4000+ signatures, Cyberoam‘s Intrusion Prevention System offers a second line of defence against intrusion attempts like DoS attacks, spyware attacks, spoofing, keyloggers, Trojans and more.

  • Confidential Data Secured

    Cyberoam‘s IM controls allow Mr. Nunes to monitor each and every conversation that is taking place in the organization, in real time. Cyberoam also allows him to block file transfers and webcams. Furthermore, Mr. Nunes has barred the use of certain keywords in chat like „password‘, „secret‘, etc. If a chat message contains any such words, that message is not forwarded and instead a warning from Cyberoam is displayed, thus enhancing security. “Now that I can control chat activities of my employees through Cyberoam, I can breathe easy”, he said.

  • Internet Usage Controlled

    Cyberoam‘s 82+ categories tough Web and Application Filtering technology made it easy for Mr. Nunes to reign in unbridled surfing and downloading over the Internet. Cyberoam blocks inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and other malware-laden sites. This is done through a constantly updated database of millions of websites. Mr. Nunes applied policies on users according to their work. He allowed access only to those sites and applications that were necessary and blocked all the rest.

  • Business Continuity Upheld

    Cyberoam UTM‘s SSL VPN solution provides “Anywhere, Any Time, Any Device” VPN connectivity. It helps Mr. Nunes in providing stable and secure access to remote users. Several IT personnel and higher management can securely connect to the company‘s internal network wherever they are.

    As the organization has two ISP links, Mr. Nunes uses Cyberoam's Multi-Link Management to handle both links effectively. The Automated Load Balancing feature distributes the traffic between the two ISP links. In case of a link failure, the Automatic Link Failover feature automatically switches the traffic to the working link. So the organization gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference and 100% Internet uptime.

  • To Wind Up

    “Cyberoam succeeds in addressing all our network security issues. We are very pleased with it”, said Mr. Nunes.