Baltic Banking Service UAB, Lithuania, Northern Europe
Baltic Banking Service impressed with Cyberoam’s Application Filtering capabilities
About Baltic Banking Service UAB, IT Solutions

Baltic Banking Service UAB was established in 2011. They have created software for the financial sector, which they integrate it to other systems. They also provide software rental and maintenance services. The company practices a rigorous Quality Assurance cycle to ensure performance of their software. In addition, they carry out regular maintenance of their systems, provide support for their customers and carry out feature changes of the software according to individual client needs. One of the most important aspects of Baltic Banking Service UAB is the confidentiality and safety of their clients’ data, and CompTIA Security+ certificate confirms that the employees of the company are qualified to maintain the safety of services provided.

Cyberoam appliance is definitely a bundle of joy for us. Having all networking and security features, including Logs and Reports, on a single device saves us a great deal of time and money.

Mr. Raimundas Mačiulevičius
IT Administrator
Baltic Banking Service UAB

Being a leading Software Services provider company, the Internet is used for Development, Research and Market Analysis related to financial sector. In addition, the Internet plays a key role in inter-office as well as business communication with potential clients. Hence, providing a secure and monitored Internet access to their employees is a key priority for the company. “The need for us was a solution that could help us provide secure and monitored Internet access to the employees with proper Content Filtering, Logging and Reporting policies in place”, said Mr. Raimundas Mačiulevičius, the IT Administrator at Baltic Banking Service UAB.

According to Mr. Mačiulevičius, the issues that they faced were:

Lack of Monitoring

Mr. Mačiulevičius, highlighting the need for a reporting solution, quoted, “We needed a Reporting solution that could give us real time logging and monitoring of all the network activities”. He further added, “Our primary concern was to have complete visibility and control over a user’s network activities”.

Web and Application Filtering

Just like every other IT company, the Internet connectivity in Baltic Banking Service UAB has both pros and cons. On one hand, it opens the door to a pool of useful information, on the other hand, it offers a multitude of opportunities to divert employees’ mind from productive work to undesired activities like gaming, shopping, social networking, and media downloads and uploads. Employees wasting their time in undesired Web and Application usage is highly undesirable for any organization and hence, Mr. Mačiulevičius was looking for a solution that could help him put a full stop on the indiscriminate use of the Internet.

The Cyberoam Solution

Baltic Banking Service UAB was in search of a solution with best-of-breed Web and Application Filtering capabilities along with real time Logging and Reporting of all the network activities. After careful evaluation of all the products from major vendors, they found Cyberoam, with its best-of-breed Content Filtering and Industry-leading Reporting capabilities, to be a clear winner. They purchased One (1) CR 35iNG Appliance and deployed it at their office in Vilnius, Lithuania in Gateway Mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Security built around the user's identity

    In order to address the concerns of gaining visibility and controls on user activity in the network, Cyberoam’s Layer 8 technology has been derived out of the need for a more robust network security system that can include a user's human identity as part of the firewall rule matching criteria. The Layer 8 technology penetrates through all the security modules of Cyberoam Network Security Appliance.

    All security features can be centrally configured and managed from a single Firewall Rule page with complete ease. Layer 8 binds these security features to create a single, consolidated security unit and enables the administrator to change security policies dynamically while accounting for user movement.

  • Powerful Web and Application Filtering

    Cyberoam’s award-winning Web Filtering offers one of the most comprehensive URL databases with millions of URLs grouped into 89+ categories. Available as a subscription with the Network Security Appliances, it blocks access to harmful websites, preventing Malware, Phishing, Pharming attacks and undesirable content that could lead to legal liability and direct financial losses.

    Cyberoam delivers comprehensive control and visibility over more than 2,000 applications. It controls unauthorized application usage while supporting business-critical applications. Cyberoam classifies applications based on their risk level, characteristics and technology, offering granular controls and visibility on which applications are being accessed and by whom, irrespective of their ports and protocols. Moreover, real-time network logs and reports further allow the administrators to promptly re-set Application Filtering settings for maximum security and productivity.

    Mr. Mačiulevičius happily quoted, “Cyberoam’s Application Filtering capabilities are quite comprehensive and very useful for us. I am quite satisfied with Cyberoam’s coverage on Application Visibility and Control”.

  • Comprehensive Logging and Monitoring

    Cyberoam offers real-time visibility into network and user activity with the Human Layer 8 Identity-based reporting, source and destination of attacks, Internet access and bandwidth usage. The Logging and Reporting feature offers forensic analysis with historic user and system activity, reducing the cost of investigation and minimizing network downtime. It also facilitates compliance with CIPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX regulations, reduces cost of compliance and enables easy demonstration of compliance capability with audit logs and visibility into who accessed what and when. To top it all, this feature comes at no additional cost.

    “Cyberoam’s live Logs and Reports makes it easy for us to control and mitigate problems related to network security since now we have full tab on all the Network and User activities happening in the network”, said Mr. Mačiulevičius.

  • A VPN Feature to Overcome all Remote Access Issues

    Cyberoam delivers Any Where, Any Time, Any Device access with a range of VPN options, ensuring uninterrupted business operations, enhanced productivity and lower cost of operations. Cyberoam offers the option of IPSec VPN, L2TP, PPTP and SSL VPN over its Network Security Appliances, providing reliable remote access to organizations. Mr. Mačiulevičius has configured a SSL VPN policy to remotely access Computers, Servers etc.

  • To Conclude

    “Cyberoam appliance is definitely a bundle of joy for us. Having all networking and security features, including Logs and Reports, on a single device saves us a great deal of time and money”, said Mr. Mačiulevičius.