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Baccarat - Famous Crystal-ware Designer Depends on Cyberoam for Internet Security
About Baccarat Crystal, Manufacturing

The legacy of Baccarat Crystal extends since 1764. They are specialists in ingenious handcrafted works of crystal-ware of the highest quality luxury products used in decoration, lighting, tableware and jewelry. They have presence in five continents.

Baccarat perpetuates the great French tradition of a cosmopolitan art of living.

They were initially looking for a good replacement for their ageing firewall.

Internet is used to keep in touch with all our branches spread over five countries and in back office administration. It is a vital resource of productivity.

Mr. Thierry Mangin
Director of Information Systems
Baccarat Crystal

Baccarat had a legacy firewall which they wished to replace in a phased manner because the firewall has limited efficacy in combating blended threats. Mr. Thierry Mangin, Director of Information Systems, Baccarat launched a project to renew its security infrastructure with a number of objectives:

Mohammed Parvez, the IT Supervisor, Axiom Telecom, Saudi had three primary concerns which he wished to address in the initial phase of reformation process:

  • Implementing a range of security and productivity tools to secure and control Internet access. behavior

  • - Firewall

  • - Antivirus and antispyware gateway

  • - Anti-spam

  • - Intrusion Prevention

  • - Web and application filtering

  • Defining security and bandwidth management policies after taking the user‘s identity and professional profile into account.

  • Doing more with less: achieving all the above mentioned goals should not equate to an explosion in budgets.

  • Obtaining dashboards alerts, mail alerts and reports on Internet use, threats and attacks detected. Reports should give the administrator a clear view of all network events
The Cyberoam Solution

After a careful market survey, Baccarat chose Cyebroam UTM. Mr. Mangin opined, "Compared to the objectives we set for ourselves, Cyberoam was the best answer.” Baccarat installed two devices: a CR250i at Headquarters in Baccarat (Meurthe et Moselle) and a CR100i on the Paris site.

The biggest advantage was that a single hardware platform hosted all the security features - Fusion feature based unified and powerful management in which a user can control his UTM appliance from single page. This feature enabled the administrator to make Cyberoam into a lithe and sleek fighting solution that quickly spotted the blended threats and re-aligned to mitigate it. Simplified and intuitive management interface lead to a significant simplification of operational efforts.

In the first phase, both the devices are installed in transparent mode. This mode was selected as it would require minimal changes in the existing network. Cyberoam has been integrated with Baccarat‘s Active Directory for authentication support. So now based on the identity, the organization is able to develop individual and group security strategies for content filtering to provide regulated Internet access.

“Through Cyberoam we have gained in efficiency, quality control and now we focus on users rather than IP addresses, which is more logical when addressing security concerns. We actually got what we were promised on paper. The security policies have been easy to configure,” Mr. Mangin said.

The efficiency of Anti Spam solution proved to be amazingly impressive. With virtually no false positives the solution ensured that all the spam was weeded out and only the legitimate mails made it to the inboxes. Multiple levels of mail based security ensured that no malware sneaked through the mail communications.

Cyberoam‘s intrusion prevention system protected the organization against any internal or external intrusion attempts. The IPS feature of the UTM has flexibility to configure multiple policies on users or machines. This leads to unobtrusive and business friendly security.

And the last decisive element was the quality of reporting embedded in the product. Cyberoam seemed complete. With identity of users in clear focus, it allowed the administrator to really know what is happening on his network.

"In the next phase, intend to do away with the legacy firewall. We will now deploy multiple Cyberoam appliances in the Paris Headquarters and configure High Availability to avoid any failure. We intend to deploy multiple Cyberoam appliances in our boutiques, throughout the world. To us, Cyberoam is affordable security,” Mr. Mangin said.