Axiom Telecom, Saudi Arabia
Cyberoam Provides Secure Connectivity to Axiom Telecom, Saudi
About AWNIC, Telecom

Axiom Telecom (Axiom) specializes in distribution of mobile and wireless communication products such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, LG, Palm and I-mate. Axiom also acts as a reseller of network operator airtime. It boasts about 400 retail outlets across the gulf region with excess of 1000 employees & revenues approaching USD $1 billion.

“Cyberoam proved to be All-in-One, Single Box solution for our Security and Business Connectivity requirements.”

Mohammed Parvez
IT Supervisor
Axiom Telecom

Axiom Telecom, Saudi used a Linux based Content Filtering solution which was based on IP address instead of the user. It failed to effective control over the user's surfing behavior. Unbridled and un-audited surfing, download, P2P usage and Instant Messaging applications ate into the precious bandwidth that powered the business critical applications. Irresponsible and unproductive internet usage exposed the organization to blended threats in form of spyware, malware and viruses, leading to excessive burden on the IT Helpdesk.

Mohammed Parvez, the IT Supervisor, Axiom Telecom, Saudi had three primary concerns which he wished to address in the initial phase of reformation process:

  • Reform the employees' surfing habits and promote positive responsible behavior

  • Mitigate blended threats by deploying multi-tire gateway security

  • Ensure productive use of bandwidth

To cater to the initial phase, Axiom desired an Internet Security Solution which provided user's identity based Firewall, Web Content Filtering, Gateway Anti Virus and Bandwidth Management.

Once the primary objectives were achieved, the company would move to the next phase where it would deploy multiple VPN tunnels to access and manage their ERP applications for service centres, offices and warehouses at Khobar, Riyadh and Jeddah.

Parvez was very clear about the vision of the company's requirements. “Though we had divided the implementation of Internet Security Solution in two main phases, we wanted a single appliance that fulfilled our needs Internet security and communication needs. We were also looking for a solution that could be externally managed over the internet. The solutions deployed at diverse locations could be managed by a single device a central console. We did not wish to invest heavily, once in multiple solutions that cannot be managed centrally. Our long term goals are very clear.”

The Cyberoam Solution

After exploring various products in the market Axiom Telecom Saudi along with Sariya-IT, (distributor of Cyberoam appliances) found, Cyberoam UTM as the best Single appliance alternative.

Currently they have deployed one (1) Cyberoam 100i and eight (8) Cyberoam 50i at the network periphery.

Productive ResourceAllocation

Cyberoam with its unique Identity feature provided an excellent content filtering solution based on users and their professional requirements. Employees are given internet access based on their job requirements and schedules. Web filtering database, which is 68 categories strong, blocks inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and pharming sites. Sites that have a potential of attaching spyware, bots and key-logger as payload, are blocked. Cyberoam's granular controls filter out bandwidth-intensive downloads such as streaming media and internet video thus reducing unproductive burden on the bandwidth. This ensures that the employees were always productively focused.

Secure Business Environment

Cyberoam's Anti-virus solution mitigated malware infiltration through the gateway by monitoring the HTTP and FTP protocols. This greatly reduced the IT Help Desk calls. Strong perimeter defense ensures safe and malware-free network.

Data Confidentiality

Axiom deals with huge amount of user data which is sensitive and confidential. To prevent leakage of this crucial data, Axiom has blocks all access to P2P applications and only selective users are given access to IM applications. Even these users are not allowed to send or receive any files over IM applications.

This ensures that no data sneaks out of the organization through IM or P2P applications.

Bandwidth for CriticalApplications

The Bandwidth management feature of Cyberoam facilitates the network administrators to prioritize the bandwidth on the basis of user, IP Address and service. Now Parvez can assign specific bandwidth for surfing and specific bandwidth for business critical applications. This ensures that critical applications are never deprived of bandwidth.

Total Business Continuity

Cyberoam ensures uninterrupted internet connection using Multi Link Management, at no extra cost. Axiom Telecom installed Cyberoam with two WAN links terminating in Cyberoam at Jeddah. Using Cyberoam's multiple WAN link failure parameters, Parvez can now ensure that the links are utilized for their true business purpose.

The load balancing feature of Cyberoam divided the internet traffic between both the links to guarantee complete business connectivity.

Unhindered Reporting Visibility

Cyberoam has a comprehensive set of mail alerts and user-based granular reports providing in-depth information about Viruses, Web surfing, Internet usage, IDP and Bandwidth consumption. Reports monitor every network activity and provide complete visibility to take preemptive preventive measures.

Cyberoam's interactive Dashboard makes it easy for the administrator to review the network at a glance. The reports and the Dashboard are easily accessible through a secure Web console.

With Cyberoam, Axiom gets a complete report of “who is doing what?” over the Internet.

Expansion Plans

Axiom has deployed a Cyberoam Centralized Control (CCC) to centrally manage all the Cyberoam appliances placed at various locations from a central location.

In the next phase Axiom plans to implement Virtual Private Network to connect its ERP applications to different locations using Cyberoam's VPN feature.