Atul Ltd. India, Asia
Cyberoam Accomplishes Atul Chemical‘s Complex Security Objectives
About Atul Ltd, Manufacturing

Atul Ltd is a member of Lalbhai Group, one of the oldest business houses of India, with interests mainly in textiles and chemicals. The Group is strongly committed to serving society in the fields of education, health as well as culture

Incorporated in 1947, Atul Ltd (formerly Atul Products Ltd) was founded by Kasturbhai Lalbhai with a dream to make India self reliant in chemicals, generate employment on a large-scale and create wealth for the society.

Atul Ltd operates through six business divisions, namely, Agrochemicals, Aromatics, Bulk Chemicals & Intermediates, Colors, Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates and Polymers. Each business, in step with the company vision, develops and implements its growth plans.

Atul's registered office is in Ahmedabad whereas its corporate headquarters are located in Atul, Gujarat.

“We were looking for a comprehensive Internet security solution that would cater to our corporate and day-to-day normal Internet security, connectivity and productivity needs.”

Mr. Jignesh Patel
Consultant, IT
Atul Ltd

Atul Chemical‘s network comprises Multiple LANs which consist of two ISP links (RIL, BSNL) that provide separate Internet access facilities for its diverse end users. They needed a solution that would give them the flexibility to configure WAN, LAN, DMZ and VPN zones as per their requirements. Most of the solutions, they found had hard coded the zones on the interfaces. So they needed a configurable port device which would give them excellent security and blend seamlessly into their existing network. These two WAN Links feed the Multiple LAN network to provide round the clock connectivity to fulfil the requirements of the corporate users, Atul School, Atul Township and remote offices in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Ankleshwar.

Atul Ltd were concerned with issues such as non-work related surfing, which resulted in inadequate bandwidth for critical business applications. Unrestricted surfing was the primary cause of declining productivity and intrusions in the form of blended threats would cripple their network infrastructure. They were looking for a comprehensive security solution that would fulfill these following requirements.

  • Web Filtering
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Load balancing and failover
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • On-Appliance Reporting

“We were looking for a comprehensive Internet security solution that would cater to our corporate and day-to-day normal Internet security, connectivity and productivity needs.” added Mr.Jignesh Patel, Consultant of IT Infrastructure.

The Cyberoam Solution

Atul deployed one (1) Cyberoam 500i unit in gateway mode. Atul Ltd has a firewall at the gateway. In the face of blended threats the organization department was looking for a comprehensive security solution that could blend seamlessly into their existing network. Atul Ltd uses Cyberoam‘s integrated solution for content filtering protection, bandwidth management and intrusion prevention system. One more factor that helped Atul Ltd was Cyberoam‘s multiple link load balancing and gateway failover which helped them make optimal use of their ISP links. A single CR appliance has the power to scale from a family‘s Internet requirement to a corporate requirement.

Atul Ltd had taken demonstrations of Fortinet and SonicWall too, but found that they were not providing on-appliance reports with the core product. They also found Cyberoam cost- effective compared to other products. So they felt that Cyberoam was the apparent choice. One added advantage of Cyberoam which helped Atul Ltd was that all the ports can be used to the maximum and with great flexibility. Atul Ltd wanted to use all the ports of Cyberoam because they had got multiple local networks configured in Cyberoam. To use it to the maximum, they wanted to assign zones to the port on their own as per their requirement. Mr. Patel assigned the zones to the ports as per their needs. This is possible as, Cyberoam does not have zones hardwired. Cyberoam interfaces are configurable as per end users‘ requirements. Hence an Interface is not hard coded to be used for WAN or LAN only.

Cyberoam is an identity-based UTM. This enabled Mr. Patel to create customized user identity-based policies which are found in all the Cyberoam features. Multiple LANs have different users and different needs. The schools have different needs while the township, remote offices and the company office have different needs. So the LAN IPs are grouped as per the need.

For corporate users, he could now selectively provide Internet access and download rights according to their working needs. He could even specify the amount of downloads that a group of users were allowed and at what time. The kind of files that a group can download is regulated too. Once they are grouped, they are provided access based on functional requirements. Granular controls ensure flexible policies for diverse Internet requirements. Web filtering module blocks inappropriate and unsafe Web content, including phishing and pharming sites. Cyberoam's granular controls filter out bandwidth-intensive downloads such as streaming media and Internet video thus reducing unproductive burden on the bandwidth. This ensures that the employees were always productively focused. Cyberoam provided an excellent content filtering solution based on users and their professional requirements.

For township users, they need to allow certain entertainment sites too. So they had granular control over what type of traffic can pass through the corporate line or from the non-corporate line. Deployed in a single location, the single Cyberoam appliance is able to meet all the diverse Security, Connectivity and Productivity needs of the organization.

Driven by business need of inter-office connectivity over Internet, Atul Ltd has two ISP links. Cyberoam‘s Multi-Link Manager intelligently load balances the traffic and manages link failover between the RIL and BSNL broadband links. These links terminate at Cyberoam. The Multi-Link Manager constantly monitors the performance of the links. In case of a link failure, the load is automatically transferred to the working link, seamlessly, which leads to 100% Internet uptime, and round the clock availability of requisite bandwidth. In case of a link failure, Cyberoam automatically switches the traffic to the working link. So the organization gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference. The Bandwidth Management feature provides policy-based control over the bandwidth.

The Intrusion Prevention feature of Cyberoam protected the web server from external and internal intrusion attempts. All IM and P2P traffic is blocked to ensure that no sensitive information is leaked and no malware enters the network.

Mr. Patel was also impressed with Cyberoam‘s on-appliance reporting facility. Cyberoam's interactive Dashboard makes it easy for the administrator to review the network at a glance. The reports and the Dashboard are easily accessible through a secure Web console. Cyberoam‘s On-Appliance comprehensive reporting feature provides access to the information related to, Who is using What and When in the network. The Internet search reports help Mr.Patel understand the users‘ behaviour and usage trends which saved a lot of time, energy and efforts.

In short, “Cyberoam UTM really gave us the best value for money. We are also looking for future expansion.” Mr. Patel concluded.