Armoni Pazarlama, Turkey, Europe
Cyberoam addresses Internet connectivity issues for Armoni Pazarlama
About Armoni Pazarlamaz, Retail

Armoni Pazarlama A.S was established in 2002, with a purpose of meeting the needs of consumers in the best way in the retailer sector of Turkey. Their product offering consists of plastic home materials through Argem and Eco brands. They created a sales and delivery system that delivered their products all around Turkey in a short time. Within a short span of time, Argem and Eco became the most known brands in Turkish retailer market. After having tremendous success locally, they have expanded their product offering and service expertise overseas as well.

"Since we have a Hosted Exchange service deployed in our network, the primary need was to ensure 100% uptime by load balancing all four of our DSL connections"

Mr. Ömer Biçer
IT Manager
Armoni Pazarlama

Highlighting the need for a security solution with powerful load balancing capabilities, Mr. Ömer Biçer, the IT Manager at Armoni Pazarlama said, "We needed a solution that was dynamic and flexible enough to allow us to strike the right balance between availability, security and ease of management".

According to Mr. Biçer, the issues that they faced were:

Need of an Intelligent Multi-link Management Device

Mr. Biçer desired to ensure that the employees use the Internet for productive, workrelated activities only. He wanted to prevent users from accessing unproductive, harmful and malware-laden websites which can expose the company's network to cyber threats. Moreover, the productivity might be affected while spending precious time in unproductive surfing and downloading, which is highly undesirable for any business.

Remote Connectivity Issues

VPN connectivity plays a key role in day to day business activities of the company. The employees need to access commercial automation tools deployed at remote
locations. Hence, the need was of a device capable of providing smooth remote connectivity over the Internet.

The Cyberoam’s On-Cloud Management Service Solution

Armoni Pazarlama was looking for a solution that could help them regulate Internet usage and ensure that increase in Internet capacity was measured in line with their strategic plan. After extensive research, they realized Cyberoam best suited their business requirements and hence, they chose to deploy a demo appliance. After playing around with it for 15 days, they were impressed with the varied features that Cyberoam has to offer. They started off by purchasing One (1) CR35iNG Appliance.

As the network expanded, it became evident that there was need to purchase another appliance with greater hardware capacity and processing power. Since, they were amazed with the performance of the existing Cyberoam unit, they decided to continue with Cyberoam and purchased One (1) CR50iNG Appliance. They deployed the appliance in Gateway mode.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Maximum Network Uptime

    Cyberoam's Multi-Link Load Balancing and Automated Failover feature intelligently manages the Four (4) DSL connections in the company network. Mr. Biçer has assigned equal weights to each link and hence, the Internet traffic is load balanced over all the ISP links. In case of failure of one link or when the link is at limited capacity, the entire traffic is redirected to the alternate link ensuring that business critical services are always up and running.

    Mr. Biçer commented, "We can now accommodate more users on the available bandwidth by customizing the rules to optimize utilization of current resources".

  • Secured Remote Connectivity

    Cyberoam's VPN solution bridges the geographical distance between the head office, remote users, and the branch offices. It ensures secure connectivity in a way that no invader can tamper with the data by any means. Its SSL VPN feature enables Mr. Biçer to configure policies so that employees can access commercial automation tools deployed at remote locations seamlessly. He said, "The contribution of VPN to our business is substantial. Cyberoam's SSL VPN has improved our communication and increased operational efficiency".

  • Regulated Internet Usage

    Cyberoam is integrated with the company's LDAP and AD server for authentication. The authentication is used to create Identity-aware Internet access policies in Cyberoam's Firewall, Web Content Filter and QoS. In addition to the default policy, Mr. Biçer has customized access policies with restrictions on downloading and banning remote assistance tools, social networks, Email for personal purposes and streaming media.

    Once the policies were in place, the content filtering solution, with a database of more than 100 million websites neatly grouped into 89+ categories, kicked in. Mr. Biçer said, "Cyberoam's content filtering solution helped us stabilize the already low bandwidth".

  • Ease of Use with Next-Generation GUI

    Cyberoam UTM has incorporated the principles of usability and Web 2.0 technology to provide a GUI that is easy to use and lets the security administrators feel in control. Given the ubiquitous nature of UTMs in organizations, the aim of this Next-Gen UI is to enable administrators to deploy and configure Cyberoam UTM rapidly and by themselves.

  • Superior Reporting

    Cyberoam security appliances deliver in-depth, On-Appliance reporting, eliminating the need for an independent reporting solution and minimizing the resultant security investment and operational expense. Over 1,200 in-depth reports offer real-time visibility into user and network activities over dual dashboards – Security dashboard and Traffic dashboard. "When it comes to On-appliance Reporting, no one comes close to what Cyberoam offers", Mr. Biçer said.

  • Global Support Excellence

    Cyberoam recognizes the importance of providing a full suite of support services for its customers. Hence, when it comes to Customer Support, no one is close to what Cyberoam has to offer. As is evident from the fact that Cyberoam is world's first Network Security player and the only UTM vendor to achieve Global ISO 20000 Certification. Mr. Biçer quoted, "In addition to the useful features of the appliance, it's very important to have a team that listens to you well and is capable enough to find solutions to all your issues".

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Biçer said, "After introducing Cyberoam into our network, we have been able to save cost on bandwidth and increase Internet surfing speed and productivity".