AirLink, Morocco, Africa
Cyberoam UTM Provides AirLink with Spam-free Inboxes and Regulated Internet Access
About AirLink, Telecommunication

AirLink S.A.R.L Services company, founded in November 2006, specializes in interconnection computing a nd telecommunication equipment. They are well-established in the Telecommunications market, especially in the fast-growing telecommunications, telephony and Wireless market. They are engaged primarily in the design, installation, testing and commissioning of equipments and materials. Their primary tasks involve:

- Integration of Telecommunication Networks
- Maintenance and supervision of the fixed network operator telephony
- Radio Link Point to Point / Multipoint
- Network Security - Firewall & VPN Solutions
- Bandwidth management software solutions
- Wireless Solutions for SOHO
- Web Hosting Solutions

Internet plays an important role in a company like AirLink which belongs to telecommunication industry. They require Internet for providing support to the customers, communication, and general surfing.

Internet being a major resource, its judicious utilization and security of the network was a major concern for us.

Mr. Kamal Essalai
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Kamal Essalai, the Chief Executive Officer at AirLink said, “Internet being a major resource, its judicious utilization and security of the network was a major concern for us.”

The network security issues faced were:

Spam – A Mail Causing harm to the Business

Mr. Essalai was shocked with the amount of Spam mails received in the network. On calculating, he came to know that out of the total mails major amount was Spam, a junk. Due to this, they often experienced choked bandwidth as the server was overloaded with these unnecessary mails. Also, the staff was annoyed with the repetitive checking of each and every mail, looking in and then deleting them , so that no genuine mails are deleted by mistake. Hence, all these consequences led to loss of productivity, affecting the growth of business.

Non-Work Related Internet Access

Mr. Essalai wanted to block all P2P applications because he felt that often staff wasted their time in chatting, accessing social networking sites, games and other entertainment related websites. These websites consumed such a lot of bandwidth that many a times legitimate websites became almost inaccessible, giving bad impacts on the business. Moreover, sometimes cl icking on malicious links also added an additional layer of threat.

The Cyberoam Solution

AirLink looked into many solutions for deciding the best one that could meet their needs. They found Cyberoam to be appealing and deployed Seven (7) appliances in Gateway and Bridge Mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given below.

The positive outcomes noticed after deploying Cyberoam are:

  • Firewall – Shielding the Network Periphery

    Cyberoam’s Checkmark and ICSA Certified Firewall, offers stateful and deep packet inspection for network, application and identity-based security. It thus protects the organization from DoS, DDoS and IP Spoofing attacks. Its Fusion Technology blends security, connectivity and productivity by enabling the administrators to create policies for multiple features t hrough a single interface.

  • Uncontaminated, Spam-Free Inbox

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Spam solution provides Spam detection rate of over 98% and false positive rate of 1 in 1 million. This ensures that legitimate mails reach safely to employee’s inboxes while Spam is kept at bay resulting in minimal business loss. This feature also offers IP based filtering solution that blocks the source which delivers the Spam Emails. In addition, the RPD technology offers real -time protection from the very first moment a new outbreak emerges. It also offers the facility of managing Emails with message, attachment size and subject line thereby minimizing exposure to threats and legal implications.

    After deploying Cyberoam in our network, Mr. Essalai said, “Thanks to Cyberoam for blocking 95% of the total Spam mails and giving Spam-free inbox .”

  • Regulated Internet Access

    Cyberoam’s Web Filtering solution provides a database of millions of URLs divided into 89+ categories, helping Mr. Essalai to control surfing habits of the staff and keeping them focused on their tasks . Moreover, the Application Filter blocks all malware-laden sites, P2P, Instant Messengers, illegal audio, video, streaming media and other bandwidth -intensive download. Cyberoam’s identity-based filtering allows administrator to create schedules and assign Internet access policies, surfing quota, time limits and bandwidth restrictions to individual user based on certain criteria. As a result, this helps KAS in increased productivity and security of network from malwares.

    Mr. Essalai said, “Cyberoam’s Web and Application Filtering solution has efficiently blocked all the non-work related websites like P2P, helping him to achieve increased productivity”.

  • To Conclude

    Mr. Essalai said, “Cyberoam is a good product and has proved itself to be among the top recommended solutions. It has helped us in attaining increased productivity.”