Abuljadayel Beverages Inc, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
Cyberoam Provides Network Stability and Redundancy to Abuljadayel
About Abuljadayel Beverages Inc, Food and Beverages

Abuljadayel Beverages Inc. (AB) is a „total beverages company„ that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a complete portfolio of quality beverage products.

The brands that emphasize distinctive flavour variety include the flagship brand, multi-flavoured Caesar Natural Juice, Bison Energy Drink and Cad'e premium sparkling cocktails and fruit juices.

In addition, Abuljadayel Beverages offers an assortment of premium beverages geared toward the health-conscious consumer, including Pasha Floats with real fruit pieces, Pasha Natural Drinks, Bugzy Extreme energy drink, Shadow energy drink with Ginseng and Honey, Kingsbury Non Alcoholic beverages and more.

Internet is vital for us to carry out our business as well as maintain connectivity with remote office and roaming users

Mr. Ahmad Alkholy,
Gadayel Global IT Manager
Abuljadayel Beverages Inc.

“Internet is vital for us to carry out our business as well as maintain connectivity with remote office and roaming users”, said Mr. Ahmad Alkholy, Gadayel Global IT Manager at Abuljadayel Beverages Inc. Mr. Alkholy faced the following challenges in maintaining a decent and safe network environment.

Staggering Business Continuity

Although AB had Two (2) Internet Links, they could not harness their combined bandwidth potential due to lack of Load Balancing facilities. Also, if one link went down, their network staggered to a halt. Failover to another working link had to be done manually. This resulted in loss of revenue and unnecessary expense of harassed man hours.

Deluge of Spam

“A lot of the company's incoming mail stream used to be Spam”, said Mr. Alkholy. As is usual with Spam, it jammed the network bandwidth, kept the mail server occupied and, when in employees' inboxes, created trouble for them too. The already quite busy employees had to waste their precious time in treading through their inboxes, filtering out the legitimate mails.

The Cyberoam Solution

After assessing a number of potential candidates for a suitable network security solution, Mr. Alkholy chose Cyberoam to rid him of his woes. They purchased Two (2) CR1000ia-10F and deployed them in Gateway Mode, one at their Head Office and the other at their Data Center.

After Cyberoam deployment, the following benefits were seen.

  • Network Perimeter Safeguarded

    Cyberoam's ICSA and Checkmark - dual certified stateful inspection firewall now fortifies the AB network and guards its servers against any unauthorized access. It detects intruders, blocks them from entering the company's computer network, records information, and notifies the system administrator about the source of the attempted break-in. In Mr. Alkholy's words, “Cyberoam acts as an undaunted warrior that protects our network against all network threats”.

  • Consistent Business Continuity

    As the organization has two ISP links, Cyberoam's Multi-Link Management is used to handle both links effectively. The Multi-Link Manager distributes the traffic between the two ISP links, hence encouraging use of the combined bandwidth of both. In case of a link failure, the Automatic Link Failover feature automatically switches the traffic to the working link, without manual intervention. So the AB gets a transparent multilink management with no human interference and 100% Internet uptime.

  • Cyberoam: Dam against the Spam

    “Cyberoam has saved us from the impending threat of Spam”, said Mr. Alkholy. Cyberoam's Gateway Anti-Spam, with a spam catch rate of 98%, checks all inbound and outbound mails for email spam, drastically reducing bandwidth and resource consumption. It stands up like a dam against the floods of Spam that hit at AB's network. Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) powered signature-less anti spam technology works instantly on deployment, with the least human intervention and is language independent. It blocks spam in any language regardless of the content, e.g. image, audio, video or zip-based spam.

  • To Draw a Close

    “I have been able to obtain a redundant and more stable network thanks to Cyberoam. It eases much of the maintenance and threat-fighting on the part of my IT team”, said Mr. Alkholy.