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Satisfied with Cyberoam, AWCC says the product helped them deliver best value against money
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Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), with a primary motive of connecting Afghanistan seamlessly, was the first mobile services company in Afghanistan. The company was established in 2002 by Mr. Ehsan Bayat, with zeal to establish an Afghan company for the people of Afghanistan. Post the conflict era, Afghanistan faced the uphill task of rebuilding itself and the first step was to build the communication infrastructure. AWCC, promoted by Telephone Systems International, was more than eager to contribute its share in this endeavor. Today the company stands tall with more milestones than it had initially planned to reach.

Post Cyberoam deployment, we have been able to save cost on bandwidth and increase Internet surfing speed and productivity. Cyberoam has given us the best value against money.

Mr. Ahmad Fahim Asey
Network Infrastructures & Security

Being a modern day organization, AWCC provides Internet access to their employees for business activities and to promote cutting-edge research and learning. However, Internet connectivity without proper network security in place can prove to be harmful. Mr. Ahmad Fahim Asey, the Manager – Network Infrastructures & Security at AWCC said, “We needed a total security solution with powerful Content Filtering and Bandwidth Management abilities.”

According to Mr. Asey, the issues that they faced were:

Unsafe Internet usage

Office and B-2-B communication without using the Internet has become unthinkable nowadays. No doubt the Internet plays a vital role in day-to-day business activities for AWCC. However, the uncontrolled usage of the Internet can prove to be highly unproductive and at times dangerous. Hence, content filtering was needed to protect the users from accessing futile or deceitful websites.

Apart from regulating the content accessed by employees over the Internet, fear of network attacks was also there. Any kind of Malware attack could result into corrupt files, defaced web pages, loss of critical data and system crashes resulting in downtime. A network attack would cost AWCC money, effort, man-hours and, in some cases, even their reputation.

“Providing Internet connectivity to employees comes with a moral obligation to provide them a safe and secure environment to work in”, said Mr. Asey.

Bandwidth Misuse

The Internet bandwidth is a very expensive resource for organizations of all scales. Uncontrolled and unmonitored surfing and downloading often eats upon the precious and often limited, network bandwidth. Lack of proper bandwidth management may lead to a negative effect of the network performance. “We were looking for a solution that could help us enforce judicious use of the Internet bandwidth throughout the network“, said Mr. Asey.s

The Cyberoam Solution

Having been dissatisfied with Barracuda Spam Firewall due to the fact that many users were able to bypass the appliance with ease, AWCC was in search of a solution that could provide them with better security services. After searching the market for a suitable network security solution, they purchased a total of Two (2) Cyberoam CR 2500iNG-XP Appliances. They deployed both the Appliances in redundancy in Gateway Mode at their Head Office.

After deploying Cyberoam in the network, the benefits that they notice are:

  • Feature-rich Firewall and User based Internet access

    In order to address the concerns of gaining visibility and controls on user activity in the network, Cyberoam’s Layer 8 Technology has been derived, which includes a user's human identity as part of the Firewall rule matching criteria. The ICSA and Checkmark certified Firewall provides granular access controls over
    Internet traffic and the network resources. The Firewall scans each data packet entering the network and as per the configured policy, decides whether it should be permitted or discarded. Moreover, all security and networking features can be centrally configured and managed from a single Firewall Rule page with complete ease. The Identity-based security gives real-time visibility into the online activity of employees based on their Usernames rather than just IP Addresses, plotting a clear picture of who is doing what in the network.

  • Safe and Productive Internet Usage

    Cyberoam’s Check Mark Level 5 certified Web Filtering solution delivers comprehensive network and data security while offering web protection, maintaining employee productivity, meeting regulatory compliance and preventing data leakage. “With Cyberoam’s Content Filtering feature, we can tailor the web filtering policies to suit our needs”, Mr. Asey said. “We can even make customized policies and quickly push them out to the users. Plus, by eliminating traffic to undesirable sites, we can free up bandwidth for legitimate office activities.”

    With a database powered with 89+ categories covering more than 100 million sites, Mr. Asey has matchless flexibility to configure security policies. It allows blocking of chat engines, gaming sites and downloading activities so that the expensive bandwidth can be re-directed for appropriate use. Cyberoam also filters the usage of HTTPS based sites with the help of its keyword and URL filtering techniques as well as signature based detection technique.

  • Malware Free Network

    Cyberoam Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti- Spyware module offers Web, Email and Instant Messaging security against Malware. The Check Mark Level 5 certified Anti-Virus engine is tightly integrated with IPS, Web Filtering and Anti-Spam modules, securing organizations against blended attacks and maintaining high levels of security. It scans both incoming and outgoing traffic for Malware over multiple protocols to ensure that no Malware or Spyware passes through the network edge.

  • Layer-8 based Bandwidth Management

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management feature offers Identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing congestion and bandwidth abuse. Cyberoam allows user-based limit on bandwidth, access time and volume of data transfer. Mr. Asey can control user behaviour on the Internet by assigning varying bandwidth to users according to their need, controlling the time in which they can have access to the internet and limiting the volume of data which a user can upload, download or both. Mr. Asey happily quoted, “Cyberoam’s QoS feature enables us to manage the available bandwidth wisely and efficiently’”.

  • Monitored and Controlled User Activity

    Cyberoam’s On-Appliance Logging and Reporting feature enables the company to know “Who is doing What?” across the network. It includes features like Traffic Discovery, Internet Bandwidth Usage Monitors, Top Accessed Categories and Search Engine Reports, which enhance the visibility of a user’s online behaviour. Having 1200+ granular reports, the company can keep a track of each employee and know the work tendency. On the other hand, when the employees come to know that their activities are being monitored, they work accordingly, leading to increased productivity.

  • To Conclude

    “Post Cyberoam deployment, we have been able to save cost on bandwidth and increase Internet surfing speed and productivity. Cyberoam has given us the best value against money”, said Mr. Asey.