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ALF Deploys Cyberoam to Enhance Internet Security and Filter Unproductive Content
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Formulated in 1954 with the establishment of Lyazdi and Sons as the first Lyazidi council in Morocco, Assurance Lyazidi et Fils (ALF) assists in management and control of Insurance contracts. ALF is strategically located in Rabat, the capital of Morocco and is a veteran at handling clients from various volatile verticals like FMCG and Media.

In 2005, the Lyazidi Council added another feather to its cap by creating the Lyazidi Brokerage firm to meet the new provisions of the Insurance Code and to meet the requirements of customers with wider need.

Cyberoam greatly reduced the susceptibility of our network to Internet. It helped us monitor user behaviour and tame unproductive use of Internet. Each department can now to be segregated on the basis of Internet access

Mr. Rashid Baarbi
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Assurance Lyazidi et Fils

Cyberoam Provides Top Notch IT Security for Leading Corporate Profile Moroccan Insurance Company

The conversation with Mr. Rashid Baarbi, CIO Assurance Lyazidi et Fils (ALF) threw light on some pressing network security issues in the company environment. “The absence of a Firewall in our Network, made us very vulnerable to Network attacks. There also was a need to keep a check on the User-Internet behaviour to ensure productive usage of precious Internet bandwidth. User segregation based on content and bandwidth requirement was in a haggard state.”

To simplify the requirement, ALF was looking for a one-stop solution that would offer:

Need of a Barricade at the Network Perimeter

ALF has grown leaps and bounds since its establishment in 1954 and has end user strength of close to a hundred, with each possessing an abundance of business critical information in electronic form. Locked offices and buildings don’t not make the Enterprise impermeable to information theft. Computers held open to the network are sitting ducks to malicious attacks and threats over the Internet. Public servers, such as Email and web, are very vulnerable to such attacks. Mr. Rashid wanted a solution that could control and monitor the entire Internet traffic between the internal network and the outside world and prevent it from such threats.

Need for Internet Traffic Control and Filtering

Internet bandwidth in any Enterprise is a resource that should be used judiciously. Not all users require an unleashed access to Internet and neither do they require an opulence of bandwidth. Though ALF trusted its employees and was averse to micromanagement with respect to productivity, there existed the need to have an Internet Filtering solution in place. This would not only save precious bandwidth, but also increase productivity and best serve the company’s requirement “We needed a solution that would avert un-resourceful bandwidth usage. Bandwidth segregation based on department and area of work needed to be more organized” adds Mr. Rashid.

The Cyberoam Solution

After sieving the market for the correct solution, ALF approached Cyberoam Platinum Partner‘MDTS’. With the guidance of MDTS, ALF purchased 1 (one) Cyberoam CR100iNG UTM appliance which was deployed in Gateway mode at their headquarters in Morocco.

The business benefits were as follows:

  • Firewall

    ALF operates Cyberoam’s ICSA and Checkmark Certified Perimeter Firewall between the Internet and the organization’s network to establish a secure environment for organizational resources. The Perimeter Firewall is a key component of the ALF network security architecture and its policy governs the movement of Internet traffic to mitigate the risks and losses associated with security threats.

  • Effective Filtering

    The Web is a critical resource for the employees of ALF. Cyberoam ensures the productive use of this valuable resource and provides a healthy working environment over the Internet.

    To manage and control Internet traffic might be a cakewalk. But the real acid test is to also save crucial Internet bandwidth for more resourceful applications. Cyberoam's granular controls filter out bandwidth-intensive downloads such as torrents, streaming media and Internet video thus reducing unproductive burden on the bandwidth. This ensures that the employees remain productively focused.

    Cyberoam’s Web filtering database has more than 100 million sites neatly segregated into more than 89 categories. No two organizations want to filter out the same content. A policy that is flawless for an Enterprise can prove to be an absolute disaster for another.

    No two organizations want to filter out the same content. A policy that is flawless for an Enterprise can prove to be an absolute disaster for another.

    Cyberoam understands this and allows its Web and Content Filtering policies to be customized based on organizational requirement. An emphatic Mr. Rashid supported this by saying“Customisable policies give us a lot of flexibility in terms of chalking out the do’s and don’ts of internet usage.”

  • Identity Based Security and Seamless Active Directory Integration

    With Identity-based-Security management as an additional parameter, departments could be segregated on the basis of their productive bandwidth usage. The organization could then judiciously allot the required bandwidth to the classified identities which were linked to an active directory for authentication. “In addition, we’re able to set up department-specific policies. Cyberoam makes it easy for us to set up policies based on specific job requirements within our organization. The Cyberoam-AD Server integration was non-patchy and Identity based policies as per usage and requirement can easily be assigned.” Mr. Rashid added.

  • Layer-8 based Bandwidth Management

    Cyberoam’s Bandwidth Management feature offers Identity-based bandwidth controls, preventing congestion and bandwidth abuse. Cyberoam allows user-based limit on bandwidth, access time and volume of data transfer. Mr. Asey can control user behaviour on the Internet by assigning varying bandwidth to users according to their need, controlling the time in which they can have access to the internet and limiting the volume of data which a user can upload, download or both. Mr. Asey happily quoted, “Cyberoam’s QoS feature enables us to manage the available bandwidth wisely and efficiently’”.

  • Connectivity on the Fly

    Employees often need to access company resources from outside the network perimeter. Cyberoam allows ALF employees to establish an SSL VPN connection and seamlessly access company resources.

  • To Conclude

    A contended Mr. Rashid says, “Cyberoam has exceeded our ROI expectations. It helped our organization to install a secure appliance to effectively reduce threats and filter content over the Internet. Integration with the Active Directory was smooth and Identity based bandwidth management was implemented successfully.”