Allied Cooperative Insurance Group, Saudi Arabia, Middle East
Cyberoam Effectively Manages Multiple ISP Links for ACIG
About Allied Cooperative Insurance Group, BFSI

Allied Cooperative Insurance Group (ACIG) is a Saudi joint stock company established in accordance with the Royal Decree. ACIG consists of a prestigious group of shareholders led by the Islamic Development Bank [IDB]. Apart from that, the other shareholders comprise Saudi firms and individuals of excellent financial and commercial standing and reputation.

ACIG offers a wide range of products in the field of Medical Insurance, including Medical Insurance, Motor Vehicle, Medical Mal Practice, General Accident, Marine Insurance, Engineering Insurance, and Property Insurance.

“Providing a secure and always-on access to our insurance applications for our partners is a must for our organization”

Engr. Samer Itouni
Technical Supervisor

Being a modern cooperative insurance company, most of the business activities in ACIG are carried out online. “Providing a secure and always-on access to our insurance applications for our partners is a must for our organization. Hence, network security and constant Internet connectivity is placed quite high up in our list of priorities”, said Engr. Samer Itouni, Technical Supervisor at ACIG.

Inability to manage Multiple ISP Links

Engr. Samer worryingly quoted, “All our business activities are heavily dependent on the Internet. Obviously, down time of even a few minutes would cost us a great deal, both in terms of revenue and reputation of the organization.” Clearly, Engr. Samer could not afford to have a single point of failure and were in search for a solution that could provide him with simple yet efficient Multi Link Management feature.

Unrestrained Web and Application Access

According to Engr. Samer, one of the most annoying aspects of having your business activities completely dependent on the Internet is its uncontrolled use by employees as a tool for non-business related activities. The employees spending most of their time in unproductive browsing, chatting and accessing social networking websites is highly undesirable for any business. The unrestrained and unmonitored access to Web and Applications cost the organization a great deal both in terms of productivity and undesired wastage of network bandwidth.

Bandwidth Clogging

Uncontrolled and unmonitored surfing and downloading choked the network bandwidth. Bandwidth intended for critical business activities was stuck up by the web and applications usage that was against the corporate policy. In addition, unrestricted upload/download of streaming media added to the problem. This led to a highly frustrating situation where even the genuine websites became almost inaccessible and the speed of the network became slow. Hence, deficiency of bandwidth had a bad impact on productivity.

The Cyberoam Solution

Having been dissatisfied with MS ISA due to the lack of User identification mechanisms and its failure at controlling network bandwidth, ACIG was in search of a solution that could provide them with better services and lower expenses. After having a demo of Cyberoam, ACIG found Cyberoam to be the best fit and purchased Five (5) Cyberoam Appliances. They deployed all the Cyberoam appliances in Gateway Mode. The models and locations of the appliances are given below:

  • Effective Multi Link Management

    Cyberoam provides best-in-class Multi Link Management feature. Cyberoam supports multiple rules and protocol based ISP Gateway Fail-over, ensuring uninterrupted business activities for ACIG. In addition, Cyberoam’s Multiple ISP Load Balancing feature, backed by weighted round robin algorithm helps Engr. Samer in optimal usage of the Multiple ISP Links to accelerate performance and cut operating costs.

    “We have Three (3) ISPs in our organization. Each ISP link is assigned a weight of One (1). Cyberoam’s intelligent way of traffic distribution ensures that no link is overburdened, which in turn has led to increased bandwidth scalability. In addition, Cyberoam’s best-in-class Automatic ISP failover feature has improved user performance because of zero downtime.”, said Engr. Samer with a satisfactory smile on his face.

  • Web and Application Filtering

    After successfully integrating Cyberoam with an AD server, Engr. Samer has created Identity-based filtering policies to regulate the content accessed over the Internet. He has customized the filtering policies taking into account the corporate requirement of ACIG. Cyberoam’s content filtering database has more than 100 million sites neatly grouped into more than 89 categories.

    With User identity and time as additional parameters to bind with a Web Filter policy, he has granular control and unparalleled flexibility in implementing the organization’s strict policy of content accessed over the Internet.

  • Network Bandwidth Managed

    Engr. Samer says, “Cyberoam’s USP is the fact that it runs on an Identity-based security platform, which in turn helps us to have full visibility of user activities in the network.” Also, Cyberoam’s QoS feature allows Engr. Samer to restrict bandwidth usage by implementing bandwidth policies based on User, Firewall Policy, Web Category and Application. In addition, each policy can be customized with a wide range of parameters such as maximum data transfer policy, time of the day etc.

  • Global Support Excellence

    Engr. Samer happily quoted, “The best thing about Cyberoam is its excellent technical support backed by a team of highly motivated pre and post-sales engineers.” In fact, Cyberoam is world’s first Network Security player and the only UTM vendor to achieve Global ISO 20000 Certification. “Thanks to Cyberoam’s excellent support, if we run into any rough weather, the Cyberoam support team is always there to help us.”, said Engr. Samer.

  • To Conclude

    “Thanks to Cyberoam, all our network security needs are fulfilled. I am very happy with the product and the excellent post-sales support provided by the Cyberoam team”, said Engr. Samer.