Centralized Management

Simplified security management for distributed locationsCentralized Management

Cyberoam delivers centralized visibility and security management for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and enterprises with geographically distributed networks, maintaining high levels of protection against malware and data leakage.

Cyberoam Centralized Security Solutions

Cyberoam’s centralized security and logging-reporting solutions offer visibility and security across distributed networks, enhance productivity and help meet the requirements of regulatory compliance.

Key Highlights

Flexible Controls for MSSPs – CCC offers centralized view of distributed customer networks over a web-based dashboard in addition to providing logs and alerts. Enhanced with Web 2.0 technology, the dynamic views in CCC provide at-a-glance information to organizations on the dashboard that helps in managing, searching and sorting CR appliances for quick monitoring and action. MSSPs can create customer-specific policies and manage updates and maintenance centrally across Cyberoam network security appliances (UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls) deployed at customer locations, despite differing network topologies.

Centralized Security Management – CCC allows enterprise-wide implementation of Layer 8 Identity-based policies over distributed Cyberoam security appliances across branch and remote offices. Multiple devices can be deployed, upgraded and maintained remotely from the central location. CCC enables grouping of network security appliances based on their geography, Cyberoam appliance models, appliance firmware versions, organizations (especially for MSSPs), and service subscriptions.

Zero-Hour Protection – Cyberoam network security appliances over the distributed networks protect these remote offices from zero-hour threats while allowing enterprises and MSSPs to push policies centrally through CCC for quick incident response.

Simplified VPN Management – CCC simplifies the creation of IPSec and SSL VPN tunnels and modification of VPN policies while providing real-time VPN tunnel status over the dashboard.

Centralized Logging and Reporting – With a choice of CCC reporting and dedicated Cyberoam iView appliances, organizations gain extensive logs, reports and alerts with Layer 8 Identity-based visibility, enabling them to meet the requirements of audit, forensics and regulatory compliance.