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Cyberoam security solutions deliver comprehensive protection to Banking and Financial Institutions, preventing intrusions, malware, Trojans, phishing, pharming, spyware and botnets. Cyberoam prevents data leakage in addition to providing secure remote access, continuous connectivity and high performance.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Security – Cyberoam delivers comprehensive security over a single network security appliance (UTM, NGFW), delivering high security with a full range of security features – Firewall, IPS, VPN (IPSec & SSL VPN), Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Web Filtering, Web Application Firewall, Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management. Cyberoam enables the creation of VLANs, offering higher levels of security while simplifying security administration.

Layer 8 Identity-based Security – Regulatory Compliance – Cyberoam enables banking and financial institutions to meet the regulatory requirements of GLBA and PCI DSS with real-time visibility and control over who is accessing what across distributed locations. Cyberoam’s Layer 8 identity-based reporting and policy creation provides role-based access, ensuring data protection even over dynamic Wi-Fi.

Intrusion Prevention – Cyberoam’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protects the institution’s network from intrusion attempts by detecting anomalies in the network in real time, thereby preventing unauthorized applications from affecting network performance.

Continuous Internet Connectivity – Cyberoam supports 3G and WiMAX technologies, offering back-up against failure of wireline connections, ensuring continuous connectivity. With Multiple Link Management, it offers high network reliability by detecting a failed link and routing traffic automatically to a working link. Cyberoam’s on-appliance VPN delivers secure end-to-end connectivity between corporate and branch offices and road warriors with transparent failover for dropped connections.

Centralized Security Management – Cyberoam offers centralized security management with identity-based reporting and policy creation across distributed locations through the Cyberoam Central Console. Cyberoam iView offers centralized logging and reporting with real-time data, ensuring quick audits and forensics.