API Integration

API integration for evolving enterprise securityAPI Integration

As Cyberoam strengthens its focus on enterprise network security while forging partnerships with MSSPs and MSPs, it continues to build up business and technology commitment, bringing evident business value to its partners and customers alike. With more security applications and enterprise network security devices proliferating across distributed enterprise environment, MSSPs now see API integration platforms as critical conduits to integrate centralized security management and business / service automation platforms.

Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) API and MSSP Flexibility

CCC API, which is based on XML, communicates over HTTPS, allowing MSSPs to receive key security alerts and events 'securely' from CCC for managed Cyberoam appliances right on the third party PSA solution interface. Widely used PSA platforms for MSSPs include project management, resource management, time management, billing and reporting and professional service automation tools such as ConnectWise PSA. When integrated with such PSAs, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Payroll systems, CCC API helps improve usability, profitability and efficiency of overall operations while enabling MSSPs to meet SLAs efficiently.

CCC API Explorer

CCC's API explorer, available from within the Cyberoam Central Console GUI, allows MSSPs to raise HTTPS request for information like CCC appliance information, appliance status, list of managed appliances, license status of managed appliances, alert details and event details right on third-party PSA tool's dashboard, for example ConnectWise PSA's management summary interface.

Cyberoam Central Console Integration with ConnectWise PSA

With CCC API and a middleware, Cyberoam has enabled its MSSP/ MSP partners to integrate CCC with leading business automation platform such as ConnectWise PSA. This integration strengthens Cyberoam's offerings for MSSPs, facilitating simplified management of Cyberoam security appliances, and accelerated process automation for managed security services. The integration of CCC and ConnectWise PSA enables automatic Ticket Generation for CCC alerts and events on ConnectWise PSA dashboard. Tickets for alerts are consequently resolved from ConnectWise PSA automatically. Cyberoam UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls already offer pre-built, out-of-the-box ConnectWise integration for bundled Security Reports with ConnectWise Management Summary Report. Some of the immediate benefits of CCC API driven augmented integration with ConnectWise include enhanced business value, simplified management and more efficient delivery of managed security services for Cyberoam MSSP/MSP partners who use Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) for centralized security management as well as ConnectWise. This results in a more responsive and agile business platform for Cyberoam partners, allowing them to seize additional revenue streams for their managed security business. Also as they get to demonstrate timely responsiveness to meet SLAs with confidence, they can win greater customer confidence, winning increased recurring revenue for security outsourcing services from their customers, including additional service levels and add-on managed security services that can be offered as a Cyberoam partner.

To find more, download CCC ConnectWise Integration Guide.